Monday, June 23, 2014

My Hall Gallery Wall

I have a back hall that is very hard to photograph.  It has no outside light coming in and a flash reflects off of the glass on the pictures, so bear with me, OK?  Also, the wall is a tan color more like the following photo than the top one,
This started the whole wall of collections.  This is a photo of my folks' home - 20 North Ora.  I had it framed and wanted something to go around it and started collecting these Mother plaques.
These started my collection because they were my Mother's.  They actually are hung straight, I had to take this photo from below and it looks like the one on the right is crooked. 
This is the only Father plaque I have ever found.  There seems to be lots of the Mothers but very few of the Fathers. 
This was another unusual one I found with a poem for Mother and Dad.
I added various items to the wall to fill in such as the Memories sign.
I found this at Canton at Trade Days.  The doll is made up of a salve tin called Mrs. Clark's, the arms are an old drawer pull turned upside down, the head is a glass knob and the legs are cut from a vintage yardstick.  Creative, isn't it?
So, this is my wall of collectible plaques.  I have several more but these go from under the top shelf of my McCoy to the baseboards.  Sometime I shift them around. 
I do love them tho!


  1. Great wall Judy. The pictures are so good and look so well together.
    Thanks for sharing your wall.
    Happy Summer.

  2. it looks wonderful, I love a gallery wall!!!!you have some real treasures!!!

  3. Judy, I like that's like a wall of tributes to parents. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Judy, that's a wonderful wall! The plaques and photos are treasures!

  5. You've got some really fun elements in your gallery wall, Judy! I see a floral print in the first photo, that I would definitely add to my wall! The photo of your parents home adds a nice touch.

  6. ahhh,'s sweet things like this adorable and meaningful wall that sets YOUR home apart from others. I love decorating that involve family things....I love your wall.

  7. I wish I had the right space for a gallery wall. Yours is very attractive. Love the Mother Dad verse, and the rs Clark doll.

  8. Judy what a fun collection and unusual. Love the framed pic of 20 North Ora!! You really do have some wonderful collections.

  9. I really liked this wall of collectibles Judy . . . I find the small mother and father framed pieces to be REAL TREASURES . . . Nice to have a framed piece of your blog namesake too . .

  10. What a fun wall. Gives people plenty to look at as they walk by!

  11. Hi Judy, Beautiful gallery wall. Everything blends so good together.
    You have a great variety of collectibles.
    Love the framed 20 North Ora home!!
    Happy Summer

  12. Great gallery wall! Very interesting!

  13. I love gallery walls and your collection is really pretty and meaningful. I've been planning a gallery wall for my hallway, so we'll see what I end up with!

  14. Judy
    You sure has a wonderful collection of vintage framed art!
    I really like the way you've arranged it.



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