Friday, June 6, 2014

Pinterest Projects and Guess Who Came to Dinner - Again!!

I decided it was kind of silly to spend so much time on Pinterest and not do anything with it.  So, I am trying to do some of the projects I have pinned.
Today is Mason Fruit Jars!!
The one above is one I'm sure you've seen over and over again, but it is still one of my all time favorites.  A simple band of burlap with a red and white checked gingham ribbon and a red geranium.  Gorgeously simple!
I've always liked this one too.  It has lime slices in the bottom of the jar with the same band of burlap and a green plaid ribbon.  It contains daffodils!
This one was a real PAIN!!  You have to paint the jars white to start out with.  On the blue one, I adhered little foam star shapes that I pulled off immediately after painting.  The red ones were another story!!  You can't use masking tape because it pulls off the white paint.  So, I used Washi tape and as you can see, the paint went under the edges.  Oh well, I'll just add some burlap cording around the rim and you'll never notice the mistake - right? 
Guess who came to dinner again?  Bella brought the baby rabbit back again, but this time, I wasn't watching and she brought it in the house and put it down.  Soooooo, you can imagine what I did for about an hour - yep, chased the rabbit around trying to catch her.  Bella finally gently caught her and took her back outside and put her down.
I think she thinks we are her new parents!!
By the way, someone emailed me and said that if she had fur, she was probably about 2-3 weeks old and able to fend for herself.  I don't know.  If she lets Bella carry her around, she might run into someone not near as nice.  She has been a source of excitement the last few days.


  1. I love mason jars. . . they are so country cute. These ideas are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your mason jars are cute and summery!

    I think maybe Bella wants a baby! Or Bella thought that since you thought the bunny was so cute the last time, you might like to see it again today. It sounds like Bella is being rather protective of it. I doubt that it will come to any harm from Bella's paws/jaws.

  3. Mistakes? What mistake? :-D Cute ideas using the jars.
    Unless something happens to the rabbit, sounds like it and Bella will become good friends.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Judy,
    This red bouquet of flowers and the mason jar is sooooo pretty. The girls get so many great ideas on Pinterest too. They have craft night every now and then and do different projects. I love those red, white, and blue jars too. They are perfect for the fourth of July. These are such creative projects. You did a great job on them.

    I hope you are enjoying the June days.


  5. I think I am in love with your gentle Bella . . .

  6. That baby bunny is SOOO cute-I think you are her adopted Mom now.

    Those jars are really cute. I kind of avoid Pinterest because I am afraid I will get addicted. lol xo Diana

  7. Love the mason jars...they are so cute!! I wonder if Bella thinks the baby bunny is her baby now...and what a cute bunny it is.

  8. Your patriotic jars look just fine.

    I too am trying to complete projects I have pinned. There are just so many things I want to make.

  9. Judy, the jars are too cute. Maybe you could build a run for the bunny. Also put out some lettuce or carrots for the baby. I think she and Bella are forming a life long bond. My daughter raised two rabbits for 4H, and one summer it was so hot we had to bring them in the house for a few days. Our beagle at the time, Maggie, a known hunter, would not leave their side! It was so funny to watch.

  10. Oh my goodness Judy, do you think the bunny thinks Bella is her Mom?

  11. The jars are gorgeous and I think Bella needs a playmate.

  12. Hi Judy,
    I have a pet rabbit. If Bella can bring her inside, she is at risk of being eaten or killed by other predators who are not as kind. The house rabbit society can give you more info, and may foster the bunny.

  13. Mason jars are great. My daughter uses them to store her numerous kinds of coffee and loose tea.

  14. The jars are cute! I tried the striped jar once and gave up!

    The bunny is cute! We had two bunnies in our backyard. Corey caught the littlest one a few days ago (and ate part of it - Yuck!!). Let's hope the bigger one is quicker.

  15. I love your Mason jars! I've been there with painting them too i.e. paint running into the next color. Coming over from my sister Kathy's blog and I'm your newest follower!


  16. Your Bella is gentle. My Shelley kills the rabbits in my flower garden. I will never get through my projects Pinterest ones or otherwise. blessings, Olive

  17. Love the mason jar projects! I can tell the painted ones were way too much work, lol. How cute that Bella found the baby bunny again, but this time brought her to you. I think she's trying to tell you that you should have another pet!

  18. you did a great job on the jars. That baby bunny is so adorable. I always worry when I see them because I know so many are lost to predators. xo Laura



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