Thursday, July 3, 2014

My New Flower Garden and I KILLED THE SNAKE!!

I wanted to show you all my new flower bed and despite the fact that I saw a snake and thought I was giving up on any kind of gardening - I was wrong!
I had bought this batch of saucers a few weeks ago and was bound and determined to do this flower bed around my sweet little Weeping Cherry tree by the back door. 
Sooooooo, John helped me clear the grass around the edges of the flowers (which I had planted several weeks ago) to make sure the "six foot snake" wasn't still there.  And it wasn't.  So, I proceeded to crawl around on my hands and bad knees and dig the little trench for the saucers to go into.
All went well and I was almost finished and that snake crawled up from the ground.  Needless to say, I moved faster than I have in quite some time.  John said - kill it!  So, I calmly picked up the grass shears and chopped him into a million little pieces.
Now, Brenda has to tell me that usually if there is one snake, there is more.
But, I'm not going to believe that!
My little edging on my flower bed turned out really cute.  I'm very proud that I was so brave and didn't let the snake get the best of me.  (I still don't like getting dirt under my fingernails tho.)
My flowers are doing well - but, who can kill Petunias and Sweet Potato Vine?
The Balloon Flower is still ballooning!!
And, this pot is doing well.  (At least it is still alive.)
My Fairy Garden is growing, but, can anyone tell me why the tall spiky plant is turning white?  I've had that plant in the house for several months and it didn't do that.  Do you think it is allergic to the sun?  And, oh yes, the little yellow gardening boots are wellies - not welties as I thought.
I have been known to make Fairy Gardens in unusual places, like this bird feeder...
a book...
cracked pots...
and even in the side of an old tree that the branch had died and fallen off.
Oh well.....


  1. Eww snakes..unfort..Brenda is correct, hate to tell you that, by the way.

    Someone down the street did that with their flower beds (plates). Loveeeeee the idea! My husband just rolls his eyes. Blessings

  2. Judy, you did a great job on your garden and on your plate border. I am not a snake fan either and proud of you for killing that guy! Hugs!!!


  3. Way to go Judy!..I am proud of you..the plates look so I am thinking of doing this!!

  4. Absolutely love the saucer edging!

  5. Hi Judy,

    Your garden with the edging of the plates is a fabulous idea.
    And eek to the snake - you did well.
    Many thanks for following me.
    Happy weekend

  6. I could never have killed the snake. You are brave. I would still be running. Love the saucers around the tree. All of you fairy gardens are wonderful. Thanks so much for the darling banner. What a nice surprise. You are too sweet.

  7. such a cute border of have inspired me :) Have a great day!

  8. Love the idea with the saucers.By the way just a note on a previous post. Your 'wellies' were named after Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) who asked his bootmaker to adapt his normal leather boots to make them more comfortable for battle, and they evolved from there. With the amount of rain we have here in England I doubt if you'll find a single home without at least one pair of 'wellies'. Of course they are made in rubber now (mainly) rather than leather. The British Wellington Boot Company was named after the boot, not vice versa

  9. Festive little plate border for your plants . . . and snakes "be gone!" Keep the sheers out , that will remind any more of them how your dealt with the last one.
    What is with the fairy gardens . . . everyone is making them! I like the "swing bird feeder" now a fairy garden!
    Happy day Miss 20 North Ora . . .

  10. I think your plate border is absolutely precious....but, am I the only one who thinks if the snake wasn't should still be in the garden doing what snakes are meant to be doing? Just say'n...

  11. Ohhh! I hate snakes. I hate them especially when the move over my bare feet! The reason I don't garden bare foot. I learned my lesson.
    I am like you and do not like dirt under my nails. I use latex gloves. You can get them almost anywhere. Not the big ones for doing dishes but thinner ones similar to surgical gloves. The work like a dream, no more dirt!

  12. Judy, get that poor palm out of that sun. You're going to kill it. It's white because the sun bleached it and soon it will be dead.

  13. Your little garden bed is cute. I really do agree with Fox and Finch Antiques, if the snakes aren't poisonous leave them to their business. They can be more beneficial then hindrance. Keeping down the rodent population and nasty garden bugs. We have Gardner snakes around our house all summer long.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
    Hugs, Sandy

  14. Ewwww, I hate any kind of creatures that scoop along the ground that have not been invited! You garden bed looks so pretty with the dishes around. I've wanted to do this, but living in cold IL I'd have to take them out of the ground every fall and put back in. In my garden there's enough work already.

  15. Well, Brenda is right. It's just like seeing one bee or one spider. There are always more somewhere! What kind of snake was it? We only kill poisonous snakes. My husband says that king snakes (black) are actually good and kill mice, and even other kinds of snakes that aren't good. I'm like you though and very scared of all snakes whether they're good or not! I like the plates around your flower bed. That's a cute idea.

  16. I love the little flower garden around the tree, and using the saucers is a great idea! Yay for you against the snake :) Love all your flowers and Yes, you Can kill petunias, especially if you live in AZ!!!! Blessings, Cindy

  17. Oh no, I DON'T like snakes AT ALL! Love your fairy garden:) Preciousness! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  18. The saucer edging is cute. I don't think that would last long with my gardener though. He runs into the cement block edging I have ~lol~ but he's free so what can I say.

    I think I'm going to put my fairy garden in a bird bath, come to think of it ,it would drown in the rain. I'll have to rethink that.

    I really like all of yours, but especially the one in the broken pot. Great recycle!

  19. Judy,
    That is such a clever idea to make a flower bed with the plates. And those purple flowers are gorgeous! I love that little elf too.

    Have a wonderful week.


  20. Judy,
    I just wanted to thank you for using the pop-up comments. It's so much easier to leave a comment, and I wish more of my blog friends had this. Many people are having the hardest time leaving comments lately, but the pop-up comments seem to work for me every time.


  21. Your fairy gardens are adorable and so is your idea of placing those sweet plates around your tree. I probably would have had a heart attack if I saw a slithering snake that big in my yard. What a sight that must have been!!

  22. Your fairy gardens are adorable and so is your idea of placing those sweet plates around your tree. I probably would have had a heart attack if I saw a slithering snake that big in my yard. What a sight that must have been!!

  23. Love your plate border! And the fairy gardens, too. You are really brave to kill that snake. I would've ran away, screaming my head off!

  24. Judy,

    You are so brave to kill that snake, after such a scare you had the first time! KUDOS to you!

    What an ingenious idea to fit those pretty saucers around your flower beds!! And, I'd say your definitely getting that green thumb; all your flowers look so darn CUTE!!!


  25. It looks so pretty, Judy, both your flowers and the plate edging. You were very brave to kill that snake. I would have been in the house hiding under my covers!

  26. Very cute! I hate snakes - even the "good" ones!

  27. Oh wow! I'm deathly afraid of snakes and I think if I had found one whilst gardening, that would have been the end of my hobby!

    Your garden is looking beautiful. Is the cracked pots simply just a smaller pot inside of a larger cracked pot? The effect is absolutely striking, I'm definitely going to use that idea!

    Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes

  28. Those are such fun ideas. I love what you have done. It makes your yard into an art gallery. I especially love all of the plates. They serve as a great boundary line. And I really like how they are all unique. And the porch swing is a great piece too. I have an old one sitting in my garage.

    Raymond Quinn @ River Oaks Plant House



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