Friday, January 9, 2015


Some of you may not know that I am a HUGE Garth Brooks fan - have been since before he was famous.  I did a large craft show and he was sitting on hay bales outside playing the guitar and singing and that was many, many years ago.

Then, in 1997, he came to Tulsa and did a five night show and yes, I went all five nights.  

Well, he's back in Tulsa this weekend and next and I'm going to see him on Sunday night.  I am so excited that I can hardly wait.

So, expect some Garth phone photos on Monday.  LOL

Now, on to less serious business....

Remember the large dollhouse I got last year already assembled?  I decided it was a little much to take on right now so....

John and I were on a little outing back in October and we passed this little junk store in a small town.  I immediately saw this blue dollhouse.  John immediately knew that the thing to do was to stop (I had him well trained).

I sauntered over and looked around at several things and casually ask the gentleman the price on the messed up dollhouse.

Imagine my shock when he said $10.00.  I could not pay him and get it in the truck fast enough.

It is in really bad shape.  They didn't do too good a job on putting on the wallpaper.

Everything is a little cockeyed.  Notice the stairs.  But, on closer examination after we got it home, most of it is things I can fix.  The stairs weren't glued down so it's just a matter of straightening up everything.

The outside is in shambles but nothing I can't fix.

They used an overabundance of wood glue (on shingles) but a Xacto knife and new shingles will take care of that.

So, needless to say, this is my project for 2015.  She sits proudly on my kitchen table where I can work on her when I get the chance.

I think after I conquer her, I'll start on the other one - maybe in the next ten or twenty years????


And think of me with all of those cowboys and cowgirls on Sunday night.  I can hardly wait. (By the way, this was Tiffany's Christmas gift to me - the tickets to see Garth.  She truly knows my heart!)



  1. I love Garth Brooks and I know you will have a wonderful time going to his concert! So happy for you! Love Love the doll house, you must do updates as you get things done!

  2. I love that dollhouse and cannot wait to see it when you finish your magic Judy!! Have fun at the concert!

  3. So glad that you are going to see Garth. What fun and what a great gift.
    I love both of those houses. I have been in several mini swaps this past year. I am hosting the current one. You can check it out through the facebook page. It's Club Mini Swap USA. This is the last day to sign up.
    I don't even have a doll house, hah. I do have a big shelf that looks like a house and a printers tray. Don't you love Claudia's. I want to move around in that house.
    Do make the elves....I can't think of the name for them. Like the one, I think you gave Claudia.
    Have fun at the concert. I hope you have some boots to wear.

  4. How exciting, Judy! You were given the perfect gift! And not one but two fabulous dollhouses?! Color me green with envy! I can't wait to see your photos of the concert and the progress on your dollhouses. Have fun!!

  5. Happy new year Judy!!

    Oh my goodness Garth Brooks is my favorite. He was here in the valley not to long ago and I couldn't make it to his concert because It was a week- day and I didn't have a reliable baby sitter....but , I have all his CDs ...He is an amazing entertainer

  6. ( Didn't let me continue so I'm finishing up here)
    The doll house is so charming ten dollars is steal! Can't wait to see it all finished...
    I have always wanted one maybe now that I have a baby girl

  7. Cont.... We can make one together....
    So sorry... Ugh... Using my I pad.....

  8. You are going to have such fun, Judy! Yea! Yea! Yea!

    And I love the blue dollhouse. I can't wait to see what you do with it.


    Sheila :-)

  9. Judy!!! I love Garth!!! Unfortunately, I am unable to go to any of the seven concerts this weekend but my daughter and son-in-law are going on Sunday! I wish I could go. *pouty face*

    I love both dollhouses! I can't wait to see what you do with them. When my grand daughter gets a bit older I am going to purchase the kit for that blue house so she and my Mister can put it together as a Grandpa/Grand-daughter project. I hope it will be something she will cherish when she is my age.

    Well, have tons of fun at the concert!

    Grace & Peace.

  10. Hello Judy. So happy you will get to see Garth Brooks. I like his music very much and have a cd or two of his. LOVE the new (and old) dollhouse. Oh, you will have fun remodeling both. Both are really great houses....the first one you showed is gorgeous! But $10 for the blue one? Oh my gosh. Can't beat that! Good luck. Susan

  11. The concert will be fabulous....I'm a huge fan, too. And the doll house will be a good project to work on. Have a good weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  12. Have fun at the Garth show! I saw him years ago at a chili-cook-off in Florida. He's classic :)

  13. What a great gift! Enjoy the show and yes, take plenty of pictures.

  14. Can't wait to see what you do with the dollhouse. Remember that mine was in pretty bad shape when I got it - like you said, most of the fixes are pretty straightforward. Have fun with Garth, Judy!


  15. Love that you are seeing your man Garth! How exciting!!

    The dollhouse is so neat, too. I don't know the first thing about them but it seems the fun is in the fixing up! Go for it! :)

    Jane x

  16. I'm a Garth Brooks fan too. I saw him in concert in the late 90's when I lived in Nebraska, he held multiple concerts to accommodate all his fans. How exciting for you to see him again. What a great buy on that dollhouse, enjoy fixing it up and have fun at the concert!

  17. How utterly utterly fabulous!!! I LOVE Garth Brooks and received his new album for Christmas which I have been playing loads ever since. I am so pleased for you that you are going to the concert and I really hope that you love it and have the most wonderful time!! I will be thinking of you singing along! xx

  18. My Daughter and Son-in-law went to the Garth Brooks concert in Atlanta last year! They said he put on the best show EVER! I know you will enjoy it! AWESOME find on the dollhouse! I would have bought it too:) Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  19. I LOVE this post! Dollhouses are such fun.

  20. Judy,
    Have a wonderful time. So happy for you that you will enjoy seeing Garth Brooks. Love the sweet doll house.
    Wishing you a good week end.

  21. What a fun project, are you making it for the grandkids? Have fun at the concert....

  22. Enjoy Garth Judy! I can remember quite some time ago that he did the rounds on TV over here, so have a lovely time. I love the bargain you found! My dolls house is a very slow project 'The Old Curiosity Shop' and it is being based on family history, house signs depicting where my Grandad was born etc. Fantastic projects to do. xx

  23. What a great gift to see Garth. Love the doll house you found. It will be a fun project.
    Have fun at the concert!!

  24. The dollhouse will be a fun project! I am looking forward to seeing your Garth photos and hearing about the concert. Have fun!!

  25. Can't wait to see what all you do with the dollhouse(s)! What a fun project. Enjoy the concert, what a wonderful gift.

  26. The concert will fantastic I'm sure. You should have a blast. The doll house should be a great project


  27. Oh my I am pea green with envy....I love Garth Brooks. I have all his CD's and he has a great song out now! You will have fun, how could you not. Love the doll house and only $10.00, wow again!

  28. It is so sweet looking. What a fun project. Enjoy Garth Brooks. xoxo

  29. You are going to have so much fun with Garth ! :)

    I had to laugh at the stairs....this looks like a fun project for us to follow along with you :)

  30. Oh how fun, to go and see Garth. You are going to have a terrific time, Judy. Go out and kick up you heels and enjoy your self.
    The doll house is great and I am know that it will be beautiful when you finish. Great project for winter months. Your granddaughter is going to want that when your finished.
    Have a wonderful time Judy.

  31. Happy New Year, Judy!

    Both dollhouses are beautiful, and the second will make a lovely project, since it is a smaller fixer upper, I guess. Boy, you are going to have some serious fun tonight! Your excitement reminded me of the way I felt when I was going to see John Cougar Mellencamp as a teenager; he was gorgeous, talented and cool!

    Have fun, my friend!


  32. Have fun at the concert Judy, quite a story about Garth Brooks sitting on the hale bales singing. Great project for 2015.

  33. Lucky you! I'm a Garth Brooks fan too, but I've never seen him in concert. I hope you have a great time!

  34. Hope you have a fabulous time at the concert, Judy! I'm not a Garth Brooks fan (not any country music, really) but I know how exciting it is when you finally get to see someone in concert that you've always admired. Can't wait to see all the progress you make on the dollhouse - that's a pretty one!

  35. The dollhouse looks like fun! You can definitely use Claudia as a resource if you need help. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it this year.

  36. I'm a big Garth Brooks fan too! So glad that you finally got to see him in concert. That dollhouse is cute. That looks like a fun project to work on.

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