Monday, February 9, 2015

Day Two of Hearts and An Outing

Today's heart is yellow.  Who says you can't have a heart made in yellow?  This is one I did that is mounted on a vintage wooden spool all adorned with lace, ribbon and buttons.

This is one of my all-time favorite pillows with a heart and a welcome.  The floral heart is stuffed and attached with a vintage button.

Another red stuffed heart and a mini banner done all in reds.  

I got a call on Friday from the funeral home saying that John's headstone had been set.  So, I took off this morning on a little outing to check it out.  

It was perfect - just like he would have wanted it.  He is buried in Pryor, OK - a small town that is about 45 minutes from Tulsa.  Pryor is where I grew up.  My Dad (many years ago) decided he wanted the family all together, so he bought a whole section of the cemetery.  He told us that the top two plots were his and Moms and then each of us girls had two plots.  So, John is buried right below my Dad.

As I was leaving the cemetery (which is also where my sister Jane and my great-grandson Landen are buried), I saw a herd of beautiful black cows.

I happened to have my camera with me and took this photo.  

I could hear John laughing in the background - what in the world is she taking a picture of cows for?

That made me smile.




  1. Ora, I am trying to catch up on blog reading and did not know until now that you had lost your John. I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.

  2. Judy, love all your hearts. The one's with the doily's are so sweet. Glad John's headstone is as you wished and yes cows?? Hugs!


  3. My your hearts are so pretty. Glad John's headstone is in place and that not only God and you, the cows are also looking over him. Looks like the perfect place to rest.

  4. You, my friend, have a beautiful spirit and it shines brightly in this post.

  5. I love all your hearts! Great photo of the herd of cows!

  6. I love your fabric hearts and the lace! Everytime I see your hearts, I want to make one.. .....and then I forget. I'm glad you keep reminding me! The first year after my son died, when I would go to the cemetery to "visit" him, something unusual would appear or happen (just like your cows!). It told me that my son was letting me know he knew I was there. One time, I looked up in the sky and there was a perfectly shaped heart cloud! One time I was talking to a friend of his at the cemetery as we stood under a big oak tree, and she was telling me something funny about my son, and a piece of branch fell from the tree and hit me in the head! I KNOW that was my son laughing! Bless you in this very hard time after the death of your sweet John. It's been 5-1/2 years since my son passed, and I miss him more today than yesterday. It's hard, but we somehow manage to keep on with this life.

  7. How very sweet, Judy. Love your creative hearts, and also the fact that your visit to John's grave left you with a smile on your heart.

  8. I love your stuffed hearts! I'm glad the cows made you think of John and smile :-)

  9. Could be John had a hand in making you smile today, Judy. Your hearts are so whimsical and a fun way to say Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. Love all the hearts. Looks like the cows were thinking what John was...why is this lady taking our picture. So glad it made you smile.

  11. Hi Judy, love all your pretty heart creations and the cow pics. Glad they made you smile and the thought of what John would say. Yes, I agree with Vickie.

  12. Judy, your creations are always so cute! How on earth did you get that piping to work out on such a curvy heart? I love my union jack heart that you gave to me years back. It hangs in my sewing room, on a door of a cabinet.

    ((((hugs))) to you......

  13. I made a lot of hearts for a while there, but never as beautifully executed as yours, my friend. Your trip to the cemetery was powerful, I'm sure.

  14. Such lovely hearts, Judy, you make wonderful decorative things! Your outing to the cemetery was touching to read about, and the herd of cows photo made me smile, especially as you knew just what John would say.
    Helen xox

  15. I love how you love hearts.....and that you have so many good memories.



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