Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Beautiful Spring Day!

Happy Saturday to you all!
Wanted to share my little chicken pulling a wagon that I got.  He's new but sure looks vintage.  The cart was filled with excelsior and I added a couple of little violas to the cart. 
We had a beautiful day today - in the high 70's.  I spent most of the afternoon picking up all of the crushed tin cans that blew out during the Wednesday night storm.
Can anyone explain to me why these lightweight tin cans stayed in my yard but my big old garbage cans that were holding them disappeared?  I still haven't found the trash cans.  There were six 30 gallon trash cans that John kept on the side of the house behind the fence.  When he and Bella went for walks, he collected tin cans.  He brought them home and crushed them and put them in garbage cans.  Every few months, he'd gather them up and take and sell the cans.
If I could just find the garbage cans!!  For now, the tin cans are in big trash bags.  I told my grandson that if he'd come over, he could take them and sell them. 
Strange happenings.


  1. Your cute little chick does look vintage. Guess you might have to buy new garbage cans.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Love the little chick - he is really cute. I think the wind gets inside of them and takes them up, while the cans are little and hit the fence. I'm sure if you google it - it will give you an explanation.
    Have a great week. Hope Bella wasn't to scared.

  3. oh.

    and wierd....
    makes ya wonder what exactly happened to the cans......

  4. You can't find any of the 6? That's crazy!! Love your cute little chick, totally thought he was vintage, so cute!!! Blessings, Cindy

  5. The weather that night was quite frightful! We live 1 mile from downtown Tulsa and it was a sight to behold! Happy you had nothing worse happen than 6 missing garbage cans. :-)

  6. Does make you wonder if the garbage cans were claimed by someone else, if found on their property or on the street after the storm, maybe.

  7. Your little chick is a cutie. I wonder if the garbage cans rolled quite a way, via the wind.

  8. How ironic that the small cans stayed put (more or less) but the big ones are who knows where?

    Cute little chicken Judy, and it definitely does look vintage.

  9. Love your little chick! Sorry about the garbage cans. Sometimes ours don't make it back to the curb after pickup, but some good neighbor will always set it right. We need to put our address on them!

  10. Love your new chick wagon! Cuteness! Funny how the cans stayed but the cans blew away!


  11. Adorable chick pulling the cart! It really does look vintage. I hope you find your garbage cans somewhere in your neighborhood.

  12. I thought it was vintage! I hope you find your cans. It's bizarre, there must be some physics explanation. You could put up a sign like they do for pets, but maybe they were blown miles away. You were fortunate.

  13. Hi Judy! What a cute little chick. I'm so sorry about your storm! I know a lot of damage can happen before you know it. That is strange about your big trash cans! Somebody woke up and probably saw your cans rolling down the street! Thanks always for popping in to see me and I hope you find those cans.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Very cute chick Judy. I can't explain the missing garbage cans but your husband sure was nice to pick them up and recycle them.

  15. Your little chick is so cute, Judy. Very strange about your trash cans. Have you looked in Oz? :)

  16. The storm was part of the garbage cans' escape plan. They're probably in Mexico by now!

  17. That is crazy about the garbage cans, Judy! Hope you find them. LOVE your little chick wagon!

  18. That little wagon is so sweet :) Strange about the cans!?

  19. How strange that the cans were left but the trash cans disappeared. At least you can collect them still for him. Have a great evening x

  20. The little chick pulling a cart is so cute! It really does look old. I hope you can find your trash cans, surely they are somewhere close in the neighborhood? Have a wonderful Easter Judy :>)

  21. Oh my that's a lot of garbage first I thought you were decorating the fence?



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