Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Peek on St. Pat's Day

A couple of cute photos from St. Patrick's Day celebration!

This precious miniature bunny in a cabbage patch was gifted to me by Debby

Now, keep in mind, the whole little box is only 1 1/2" x 2". Thank you so much for this darling gift Debby!!

Had to share this darling photo of the three greats and one granddaughter coming home on St. Pat's Day.  They are all wearing their green shirts, rolled up jeans and sandals for the celebration.  Can't believe those little ones are getting so big.

Kaycee (the smallest twin) went into the hospital for a procedure this morning.  They went down into her lungs and did a scraping to determine the cause of the mucus in her lungs which keeps making her so sick.  They determined it was a bacterial infection, put her on steroids for a day or so and then a new powerful antibiotic.  

The twins will probably have some lung difficulties because of their being so premature.  Alot of meds were given to them to develop their lungs at the time and it causes consequences.  But, we're praying that they will outgrow them soon.

Thank God for the wonderful pulmonologist (sp?) who was with them when they were born and is the same doctor they see now.  So, he knows all of their history.



  1. Oh Judy this is too precious. Love their little rolled jeans and green shirts. They are getting so big and what cuties.
    Glad you enjoyed them.

  2. That little box from Debby is darling. She is just the nicest person.
    Those little girls are just so darling. What a blessing. That is what I had this past winter. A bacterial infection in my lungs. It's awful. She probably feels short of breath all the time. I know I did.
    Hope the meds work for her. xo Diana

  3. My heart goes out to those precious angels, Judy. I ope they grow out of it soon. Darling in their green shirts and rolled up jeans. xo Laura

  4. I'll keep these little ones in my prayers. How precious they are. Happy Spring my friend! Hugs, Diane

  5. So cute! They are growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing their visit with us.

  6. the miniature bunny is so cute. I hope they both will be healthy. Steroids are so hard on the body and then a strong antibiotic, hope this clears up soon. Their rolled up jeans bring back many a memory. Such cuties!

  7. Oh Judy, the girls are darling. So cute in their little outfits. I hope that now finding out the problem it can be corrected with medication.
    The bunny in the cabbage patch is so cute.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Spring.

  8. What darling little girls and they do look cute in their sandals and green shirts! I pray all will go well and she will get better soon! I cherish your blogging friendship! We've been around for some time, haven't we?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Acccck! Look at all that Grandmother Kryptonite! Precious!

  10. You are so blessed to have such cute little peanuts in your family. Glad to hear that little one is on the mend. Wish I could meet you this weekend in Dallas :-( Give me a bit of advanced warning next time and we will get into trouble together! Happy first day of Spring!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Bacterial infections really take a lot out of you. I hope they do indeed grow out of it. They are adorable!



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