Monday, March 23, 2015

A Week End Trip, Spring and A Terrarium

My precious granddaughter Tiffany and I took off for a weekend trip.  We visited my son Johnny and then ventured on to Dallas.  Oh my!!

We went to Ikea, Homegoods, TJMAXX and various other enticing stores that were just full of all kinds of beautiful and useful things that we just could not live without.  Will show you some of the items we got in a later post.

The flowers are just gorgeous - the top photo is of my Spirea - it is just loaded with blooms.

This pear tree in the back yard is about to burst with white flowers.

This is something wild that grows on my back fence.  I assume it's a weed of some kind, but the green, shiny, glossy leaves are beautiful.

The jonquils in the front flower beds are almost open.

Love these little forget-me-nots!!

I wanted to share this precious terrarium with you that I got at a local consignment shop.  It says it requires no watering.  I thought the idea of the moss ball on top was so unique and different.  The moss ball has several little decorative pins stuck in it.  The contents are a moss of some kind with tiny artificial flowers and a little rabbit.

Isn't it a cute idea?




  1. Judy,
    How fun you got to go see your son and had a great trip with Tiffany along. Love to go to different Home Goods and TJ Maxx's. Always good treasures to be found. So nice to see you have things blooming. How beautiful. My jonquils were popping up but then we got 6 inches of snow today and their pretty heads are covered in snow. Old Man Winter just will not let go of us here.
    Have a great week.

  2. Great fun to spend time with Tiffany and visiting your son. I've been meaning to go to Homegoods looking for some Easter Stuff. I love that terrarium. Really special looking. No flowers popping out this way we got hit with 4" of snow...sometimes I think spring is never coming! Glad you are able to enjoy yours.

  3. Sounds like you had en enjoyable trip with family, and a fun shopping day with your granddaughter. Looking forward to seeing your buys.
    Lots around here looking like it is getting ready to explode in blooms (some trees have already), so hope to get some pics soon.

  4. Wow Spring has arrived at your place, we got a few specks of snow here today. I'm so glad you're out shopping and enjoying your time spent with Tiffany :)

  5. It does look like spring there. It's snowing here right now. That little bunny looks like the one I sent you. Hobby Lobby bunny, hah. Glad you got to visit your son and have a good week-end.

  6. That little terrarium there is just the cutest thing. Love the idea of a moss ball on top. Glad you had fun shopping. I have never been to an Ikea. Our closest one is about 5 hours away. I really need to do that one of these days.
    Hope you have a great week, Judy. xo Diana

  7. I love road trips! I love shopping! I love Spring! Sounds like a win win to me!

  8. I love hitting the Ikea when I am in Atlanta. Can't wait for the blossoms to pop out on our trees. xo Laura

  9. Sounds like a fun getaway...looks like such nice spring weather there, too!

  10. I'm so glad you got to visit your son and that you had fun shopping with your granddaughter at all those wonderful stores. I can't believe how quickly everything is blooming in your area. Nothing is blooming here at all. In fact, we got a blanket of snow this morning. Cute terrarium!

  11. Hi Judy! Oh, I'm so glad you had a great trip and shopping never hurts anything! Oh, now I'm not going to be jealous while looking at your blooms! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. It's fun to go shopping at big stores like that once in awhile. I feel overwhelmed with all the neat things though! I like that sweet moss ball idea. Hugs!

  13. So glad that you went on a little trip to see your son and go shopping. That is always so fun to do. Looking forward to seeing your stash.

  14. Oh I am so jealous! I want Spring! I think it was your blog that inspired me to buy a spring plant. I think I killed my tulip plant! Maybe the bulbs will survive?

  15. Gorgeous pictures Judy, sounds like you had a great time on your shopping adventure.

    Hugs Diane

  16. Hi Judy - That Terrarium is just so cute - You have much more spring than we do. Woke up to 34 degrees and rainy overcast day.

  17. That sounds like a great shopping trip! Lovely that you and Tiffany visited your son too. Your spring photos are so lovely and sunny......the tree in blossom is very beautiful. Love the little terrarium too :)
    Happy week, Judy!
    Helen xox

  18. I am missing my spirea back in Idaho! Isn't it fun to go shopping in Texas??? I end up coming home with bags of stuff every time I go to San Antonio, Houston and Austin. One of these days when I get up to Dallas it will be get out the credit card time ;-) So glad you had fun!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  19. It's wonderful to see signs of life with trees & flowers blooming everywhere. I'm jealous, we still have snow! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip too. Definitely my kind of shopping, that's for sure!

  20. Your spring blooms are beautiful! You are a little ahead of us here in Missouri, but it won't be long! I always love seeing the pear trees in bloom. Sounds like a fun trip...I love TJMAXX!

  21. All of your flowers and that tree filled with so many blooms are just beautiful. We are still waiting for the flowers here, but I will just look at yours in the meantime! Thanks for sharing the spring!!

  22. Hi Judy,

    Such lovely things to look at....I love anything in the garden.

    Thanks for your kind visit.


  23. Hi Judy, hope all is well at your home. I was just watching the news and see your bad storms. We are getting them next here in North Texas.
    Love your photos and the spring blooms. Great little spring terrarium too.
    Stay safe in the storms.
    Hugs, CM

  24. Hi Judy! You're trip sounded like a lot of fun and your blooms are gorgeous! All I see here in Northern IL. is dirty brown and little patches of snow here and there and it's COLD! ICK! Your terrarium is super cute too!



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