Monday, March 16, 2015

More Goodies From Last Week's Shopping

Wanted to share with you a few details of some of the rest of the items I got shopping last week.

This gorgeous piece - veggie dish????? - is so pretty.  It has this beautiful teal colored design and some gold.  Alot of the gold has worn off - especially on the handles which meant it was used and loved.  It is stamped on the back Violets J&G Meakin, Hanley, England and measures 13" x 8".  Can you imagine putting this on your dinner table and using it?

These cute little ash trays and holder are stamped Original Napco China.  Each has a different motif on them.

A beautiful teal blue egg cup.  You may remember that I have a set of cups that match this.  This has no markings of any kind, but, it is exactly the same pattern of the cups that I have.

Another pretty platter.

A set of six saucers with a dainty scalloped edge.  They have had gold on the edges at one time but most of it is worn off.

Don't know what this is but the little squirrel is so cute!

A pair of crystal ash trays.  Don't know what has gotten me started on ash trays.  I guess because you just don't see them much anymore - for that I am thankful!!

A precious set of tiny, tiny china dishes.  There are odd numbers of pieces and some extra lids but oh so cute in miniature.

This piece has no markings but is amazingly beautiful.




  1. Judy, Love your cute finds. My in-laws , many years ago had ask trays like those....they used them on card night.LOL. I love the tiny dishes. Hope you are doing well and enjoying some nicer weather. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Lovely finds all. The egg cup is very special. Love transferware pieces.

  3. The green piece of pottery with the squirrel might be a toothpick holder, Judy.


  4. That's kinda what I thought Claudia. It's a perfect size for that.

  5. Claudia beat me to the punch :)
    These are all great finds, Judy.
    xo Laura

  6. You always find the best treasures. All of this past Saturdays are great. Love the covered dish.
    Have a great week,

  7. I love your finds. Especially the vegetable dish!

  8. You find the best things, Judy. That first piece is just gorgeous! I've never seen one in teal before.
    What is that last dish do you think? To capture jewelry maybe? It is pretty-xo Diana

  9. Judy I love the egg cup and I agree with Claudia that the green item is a toothpick holder and it's very cute!

  10. Wonderful finds, Judy...LOVE the covered dish and the little squirrel planter especially!

  11. Pretty finds, Judy! I definitely think you should use that covered veggie dish when you have your family over for dinner. Love the little squirrel toothpick holder. Heck, you could even put a single bloom in it (with water). :-)

  12. Yes, the little squirrel is a toothpick holder. Too cute! You found some lovely things!

  13. I understand that ashtrays are becoming quite the collectible these days as they are no longer being used very much! I love all kinds of pretty little china things. I have to restrain myself in antique shops.

  14. Wow, I haven't seen an ash tray is ages! You really picked up some nice items. Lucky shopping day :)

  15. My mother had a pretty plate or something to match your pretty platter! It was quite used. I wonder what happened to it? I love looking at your purchases!

  16. You found some gorgeous things-my fav is the egg cup! Over from FB 40+

  17. Love the gorgeous covered veggie dish--that is certainly a lovely pattern!

  18. You find the greatest goodies while out thrifting. The tiny tea set is so sweet. Love that last piece with the flower on it.

  19. Love your beautiful finds Judy! My favorite is the veggie dish!



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