Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Saved A Bunch of Money Today!

I went to Lowe's today to get all new light switch plates for the two bathrooms and the kitchen.

Have you priced light switch plates lately???

They are out of sight.  The Oil Rubbed Bronze ones ran from $7.99 to $13.99 each.  YIKES!!

So, being the DIYer that I am, I bought the ones in white for $1.18 apiece and 

a $6.00 can of Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

I sprayed them with the screws already in the holes so they would be ORB also and they came out beautiful.  Excuse the messy painting table covered in falling pine needles.  

I will show you a photo of them when I get them up but they really turned out good looking.

I figured I probably saved $100.00.





  1. Great 'work around' - have to pin so I remember for 'next time'. Hi Judy, always look forward to your posts. Hugs.

  2. Smart lady...just think what you can buy with the money you saved!

  3. DIY is a Very Happy Word! I'm sure the look better than the store bought!! Blessings, Cindy

  4. Great job Judy. Things are so pricey. My friend sprayed all her gold knobs on the doors with a black flat paint. She just made a templet and spray them right on the door. Her's look terrific and she saved a lot of money.
    Looking forward to seeing all your pretty bathrooms.
    Have a great weekend and I hope your little ggranddaughter is all well now.

  5. What a great idea!

    I have several light switches that need replacing.

  6. Wow! You saved a lot of money and did a great job. Love the new switch plates!

  7. I did the same thing with my old towel rods and tp holder when I redid my bathroom and for the same reason and I used the exact same paint! Mine turned out great and I can't wait to see yours up and on the walls. Doesn't that make you feel SO good and on top of that you re-purposed which is so great for all of us. You go girl!

  8. O, don't they look great...we are SAVERS OF THE MONEY GIRLS.......

  9. I have done the same thing with switch plates due to the crazy cost! I did "invest" (it really wasn't that much because it was only a few) in leather switch plates for the living room and hallway. I'm sticking with just plain white ones for the bedrooms!

  10. Well look at you Miss DIYer!!!! They look great. You go girl!

  11. My gosh I know switch plates were so expensive. I always paint mine the same color as the walls! To me switch plate should not be seen? But you creativity came through again. You have your blog followers listed twice on your blog roll. And again don't see me, wondering if this is a pattern LOL

  12. Good thinking, Judy! I painted our front door hardware a few years ago and it still looks great. You're onto the finishing touches!

  13. What a great idea, Judy! I never would have thought of it!

  14. Judy just got a odd email from your account. Could you email me pls.


  15. Great idea to paint them. Can't wait to see them on the walls.

  16. What a money saving idea! We're back from camping, I put up lots of pix yesterday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)



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