Sunday, October 18, 2015

Christmas Every Monday

For this week's projects, I have two burlap items.

First up is a JOY banner.

You will need:
White/Cream Burlap
Fusible Interfacing
Polka Dot Stencil
Red Acrylic Paint
Three Various Small Red Print Ribbons
Red Jute Twine

First, bond your burlap onto the interfacing.  Then, cut out three pennants - mine measure 9 1/2" long by 
7 1/2" at the top.  

Nest, stencil polka dots onto the white burlap.  I found just a basic dotted stencil at Michaels'.

Trace your JOY letters onto Wonder Under and bond and cut out.  Remember to reverse the letters when you trace them.  Press them onto the pennants.

Turn down about 1/2" and press at the top.  Then hot glue the red jute twine under where you have folded the top.  I used hot glue so it would adhere quickly.  (I like everything to go quickly - LOL)  Be sure to leave enough twine on the ends to hang with.

Project #1 today - done!!

Now, to the next project.

You will need:

1 yard upholstery webbing
Red Jute Twin
Black Magic Marker
Big Jingle bell
Cut out letters for the lettering

Trace the words JINGLE onto the webbing with a magic marker.  I used a Sharpie.  Then fill in the letters with the Sharpie.

Fold the top down about 1/2" and hot glue down inserting the red jute twine in as a hanger.

Trim the bottom to a V and sew the large jingle bell to the point of the hanging.

You're done with project #2.

I think I will probably add a big red bow at the top of this.  It just needs that.

I used some cardboard cut out letters and just traced around them for the JINGLE hanging.  I try to keep several alphabets in different sizes for various projects.




  1. Two very cute projects. How do you come up with these things? Very inspirational. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Such cute projects! I will be copy-catting these:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Both are adorable! You know the word 'JOY' is one of my favorites!

  4. So cute Judy!! I appreciate that they are pretty easy because I'm not a crafty girl. :)

  5. Both are adorable, Judy. Thanks so much for SIMPLE...I am talentless so I NEED easy...:)

  6. Really cute! You're so smart to get a head start. I learned a long time ago that Christmas is much more enjoyable if I get as much done before December 1 as possible, leaves me more time to follow the star, as my beloved Dee Hardie always said.

  7. I love the word "JOY' at Christmastime, and this sign is nice, Judy. Your Christmas projects always make me smile.


  8. Two great projects, I especially like the jingle one! xx

  9. Love, love, love...the jingle banner! So cute!!

  10. Both projects are so cute. Love the Polka Dots on the Joy banner.

  11. I'm loving both of them too!

  12. Very cute projects Judy. Love the polka dots!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  13. Two more cute projects Judy. Love the polka dots. So sweet. Happy New week.

  14. Love these Judy! Especially the JOY banner, it is one of my favorite words :) May you enjoy a beautiful week! Blessings, Cindy

  15. I love the joy banner. The polka dots are so cute. I'll have to try painting on burlap, I've never done that. Thanks and have a great week.

  16. I love banners. I wish I had made one for Halloween! lol Is it too late? Hugs!

  17. I consider you the craft queen.....two more cute projects and I have't even started yet :-{

  18. Loving both projects Judy! Great job on both. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. How adorable are these Christmas crafts, Judy!

  20. Judy,
    I so enjoy seeing your inspiration, you always have the most creative crafts!
    Love these projects.

  21. Hi Judy. Love both but especially the jingle. I haven't seen that done yet and I agree, a big red bow would be perfect..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  22. Such cute Christmas crafts, Judy! You know non-crafty me won't be making them, so I'll just enjoy the photos of yours. :-)

  23. Hi Judy! This is just darling and thank you for showing and telling us how to make it. You're are so good!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Hi Judy, I just love your joy banner and the jingle hanger! Thanks for sharing how to make them.
    Enjoy the weekend.



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