Friday, October 2, 2015

Tea Cup and Mug Swap

I had so much fun with this swap sponsored by sweet Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose Blog.

You could sign up for a tea cup and/or mug swap.  I signed up for both and this is what I received.

The Tea Cup swap was from Debby @ My Favorite Things blog.  I received this precious yellow and black bumblebee cup and saucer.  So cute!!  She also sent tea, some sweets (which as you can see, are almost all gone), a Christmas ornament, a flavor spoon and a bag of buttons for my bubble gum machine.

This is so cute!  An ornament of a Coke bottle with antlers and a red nose.  

The bag of buttons completely filled by gum machine.

Thank you so much Debby.

Next was the mug exchange.  Mine came from Sue @ Pear Tree Lane Farmhouse blog.

Look at the darling initialed mug she sent!  Along with a beautiful Mikasa crystal plate for Christmas, a bag of treats, a Godiva chocolate bar and

this gorgeous glass plaque - love the colors - and

this wonderful stuff - Stress Relief.  I really needed that - don't we all?
And I almost forgot....she sent me two jars of homemade jellies.  They were in the fridge so I didn't photograph them with the other items.  YUM!

This was such a fun swap and I want to thank Stephanie so much for all of her work.

Can't wait until the next one in the Spring!




  1. Judy- What a great swap (both of them). I bet it is fun to do that although I have never participated. Hope you are doing well and loving fall. xo Diana

  2. Judy,
    How fun. You got some great gifts in the swap. Happy Friday.

  3. Judy, what fun you had swapping and such great things you received. I know you sent awesome gifts also, that is just how you roll!

  4. What a fun swap, Judy! You received some beautiful gifts. Love both the mugs.

  5. What great gifts you received. Love the mug
    Have a great weekend.

  6. You have quite the collection of cute treasures there Judy, love the mugs and all the other little items. What a fun thing to participate in.


  7. You received some lovely swaps. I love Stephanie's blog and her Mom's too.

  8. ♥ the gumball machine filled with buttons!

  9. Those sound like such fun swaps! I'm so happy that your 'button' machine is completely full! So Great! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Cindy

  10. Hi Judy, Love the tea cup and mug gifts you received. I participated too in the tea cup exchange and had so much fun.
    Stephanie does a great job with hosting and pulling it all together. She is a blessing to us all.
    Now after seeing your post, I have to get mine ready. Have a great weekend. Hugs, cm

  11. Those swaps look like fun. Your gum machine looks great filled to the brim with buttons.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  12. It's like Christmas in October! Such cute treasures. Love, love, love your gumball machine.

  13. Your mug and teacup are precious!!! I love all of the thoughtful goodies that came along with the exchange! Next time I will try to sign up for both!! Have a great weekend!

  14. Lucky you! I bet that swap was a lot of fun. Your gifts are lovely and they suit you to a tee! Now go eat some of that chocolate!


  15. You did receive some nice things in both swaps. The buttons were just the right amount for the gum ball machine. I rally like the idea putting buttons in one.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  16. Dearest Judy, both packages are simply beautiful! I can tell each lady put a lot of thought and love into what the gave you {{smiles}} I must say the bee tea cup is darling and I just love the buttons.

    Thank you for joining the fun. I look forward to having you link up this post when we have our reveal. Hugs to you!

  17. What lovely swappy things! Always great fun to do swaps isn't it. xx

  18. I participated too in the tea cup exchange and had so much fun too. Will be sharing mine soon. You received some very nice gifts and will copy your buttons in the gum ball machine! Stephanie hosts such a great party!

  19. Everything you received is just perfect...and what a great idea for your gum ball machine...I have M&M's in mine for the great-grand girly. :)
    Thanks for coming by...

  20. Love the buttons in the gumball machine!! Isn't it so fun to do exchanges with our blogging friends.

  21. Hi Judy! This was my first time doing the "swap" and it was so much fun! I am just delighted that you are enjoying your gifts! I am so glad your bubble gum machine has been filled up too :) Have a great week!

  22. You received two wonderful swaps! They are so much fun to do!

  23. The honey bee cup and all the sweets look awesome! ...and the exchanges look fun.
    Visiting from Debby's blog.



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