Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Long Four Years

Four years ago tonight, I said my last "good night" to this precious soul.  Never imagining that he wouldn't be there the next day.

Last August would have been our 50th wedding anniversary.

But. oh the wonderful memories I have.

All the years you gave me beautiful yellow roses.

How proud you would be of the darling Tiffany that we raised.  She has so many of your assets - all good.  LOL

And how Laynee misses her Poppy.  I am just so sorry that the two little ones didn't have the time with you that Laynee did.

I know my precious Bella is right there beside you and I am so happy for that.  Even if I do miss her everyday too!

"Your life was a blessing,
Your memory a treasure,
You are loved beyond words and
Missed beyond measure."

Author Unknown

Miss you dear sweet John.



  1. Judy, Sending big hugs to you. I know you miss your sweetheart John. I just read Gert's blog today and she is missing her Tom. I know you ladies loved your husbands just as they loved you. You will never lose that love that is in your heart. Good to think of Bella with John. Loved seeing the pictures of you with him. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Thinking of you Judy and sending you a hug.

  3. I am sending you a hug. Losing a husband of a long marriage is a sadness I know too, my husband Will died suddenly two years ago. Sweet memories are a help, like your yellow roses tradition.

  4. Loving John forever Judy. I loved all the posts you wrote about John and what he was doing to help others and how much he was and is loved.

  5. Oh~my dear Judy~ What a blessing that you had such a wonderful husband. Your missing him so much only means that you were loved dearly in this life. I do believe that someday you will be reunited again.

    I know what you mean about the grandkids. My dad never got to see any of his grandchildren and I know that he (and they) would have been blessed by that relationship. It's sad to think the little ones will never know the love of their poppy.

    Love to you-xo Diana

  6. Beautiful post, beautiful memories. Sending you a big HUG this morning.

  7. Judy you are in my thoughts today. You will always miss this sweet man but I know he is in your heart forever.

  8. How nice that you had so many years with your beloved. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I'm sending you extra love and hugs, Judy. Anniversary dates are so hard. :-(

  10. Judy this is sooooo sweet and so heartfelt. I know how much you miss your sweet John and Bella. I know Bella is there with John. So happy you have Tiff near and the girls. It helps your heart to have their souls near you. John would be so proud of all of you and how you have continued on with life after his passing. Judy I love you girlfriend and am sending you the biggest cyber hug ever!!!!!!



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