Monday, March 9, 2020

It's March Already!!

My sweet John use to always say that I didn't have a birthday - I had a birthday month!!  LOL  Since my birthday is St Patricks Day, I reserve the right to the whole month, don't you agree?

I needless to say, have always collected "green" things.  Especially if they have the shamrocks on them.

Can't forget my green McCoy vase.

And then it is getting so close to Easter that I need to put out a few Spring things also.

Have always loved these Easter eggs made out of old quilt scraps.

This sweet bird's nest with moss was made inside of an antique silver ladle.

Flowers are beginning to bloom especially these.  Do you call them jonquils or daffodils?  I have several different varieties.

They are such a precious sign of Spring.

Course, I have to have a spring wreath.

Things have been very busy around here.  Last year right before Christmas, my storage buildings that I rent were broken into.  They not only took alot of stuff but what they didn't want, they just threw out in the walkway between the buildings.  It rained on everything for three days before I even found out about the pillage. 

Needless to say, I lost a tremendous amount of items.  I kept alot of merchandise that I used to stage houses  with in there. It has been a nightmare.  I had to rent a UHaul and new storage building and get everything moved.  The only good thing was that I downsized from three buildings to just one.  But it was a nightmare.  The saddest part was that I had quite a few boxes of photos and memories that got thrown out in the rain and were ruined.

The homeless just set up camp inside of the buildings and nothing was done until about a week ago and the police were called (and yes, it was on PD Live) and now they are trying to clean up the mess.  For all of these months, stuff has just been laying out there getting ruined.  I never got a call or anything until we saw it on TV.

ANYWAY, I have culled out many items and lost alot but it is over and done with.  They told me they were not responsible because it said it their contract that they were not responsible for theft.  However, the police have told me because they did not secure the facilities, they are at fault.  So, we'll see how it pans out.

The great grandkids, Tiff and Adam and I are scheduled to go on a cruise the end of May.  We are just waiting it out to see how things go.  We have until the day before that we can cancel and get credit for what we have paid.

I had a trip to Italy planned for August but it has been cancelled by the cruise lines.

So much going on.

Just a quick and easy to do project.

You can find all kinds of beautiful silver platters at Estate and garage sales.  Many of these were used for anniversaries and/or job related awards.  My solution to using these because I love old silver so much is....

Mount an antique and/or vintage photo to the center and then surround with layers of old buttons.  Makes a pretty platter to use for memories.  This is a photo of my Grandmother and Grandfather.

Well, so long for now.  Hope it is getting warm and springy where you are.




  1. I didn't know you staged houses, that's interesting - any pictures? I could certainly do with staging mine - am about to put it on sale! I am guessing the trick is to get rid of clutter and make it look neutral so others can imagine themselves in there? Love your door wreath - very pretty. So very sorry though that you have had the break in and assocated problems.

  2. p.s. unknown above is betty the wood fairy - blogger is playing up!

    1. Hi Betty. Thanks for visiting. When I slowed down doing interior design work, I started doing lots of staging. Send me pics and I'd be glad to give suggestions.

  3. OH boy Judy you have really had a lot going on. That is horrible about your stuff being taken and just thrown about. Sometimes it is hard to live in this world with things like this going on. I am sorry about your pictures. I hope that facility is to blame and you can maybe recover some money on the things taken. I hope by May the virus scare will calm down and you can go on your cruise. Happy Birthday. How fun to have your birthday on St. Patty's day. I love all your St. Pat's decor.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Here's hoping things calm down before we cruise. The kids are so excited.

  4. We also rent a storage unit. Several months ago I saw in the news that our storage facility caught fire. It turned out that a homeless man was living in one of the units and the heater he was using started a fire. An entire row of units were destroyed. Thankfully, we were spared. No one called the renters about the fire. They found out the same way that I did. When the renters showed up to see the damage the owner couldn't get away fast enough, but not before telling the tenants that his business wasn't responsible for their losses. The homeless man had been living there for weeks so obviously it was with the owner's permission.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. The rental storage places sure dont mind taking your money but dont want to assume any responsibilities. The fences had all been torn down and a truck had driven thru the back fence, so, hoping since they dodnt maintain security, they will be responsible for some loss. Course the owner is some big corporation in California.

  5. Happy Birthday Judy. Your John was a sweetheart, I think. Oh I love that McCoy vase. Flowers are so pretty. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thanks Susie. The flowers are just gorgeous already. Here's hoping we dont have a hard freeze!

  6. Nice to see your post, Judy, altho I am sorry to read about your storage facility losses. What a shame! Hope you enjoy your St. Pat's birthday!

  7. Oh my goodness, I am SO sorry about the loss of your things:( People are just downright mean these days. My Niece Regina shares your birthday, Happy Birthday a little early! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. We call them daffodils, and ours have been blooming for a week. A sure sign of spring, makes a heart happy. Gosh I'm shocked about the storage place and the theft there! I'm really sorry your pictures and mementos were messed up. And your trips! Sigh, hoping things look up very soon.

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