Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Saturday Treasures 5-4-13

As I had mentioned before, when I went to my granddaughter's graduation from Nursing School on Saturday, I did a little shopping.
Don't you love a little town where the main street is lined with little shops?  Well, I do!!
The first photo has items I got in one of the little shops.  A cute cow painting, an old vintage photograph, small rolling pins, and look at this gorgeous sugar and creamer.  Isn't it just beautiful?
Found me some salt and pepper shakers, of course, but, look at the little ship with the tiny s&p shakers.  How cute.
Then, when I got home, one of my other granddaughters called and said she had a friend who was cleaning out his grandmother's house and had some items to sell.  Was I interested?
Dumb question!!

So, this was in that bunch of items I got from him.  Some plates, old jars, beautiful pieces of Depression glass, s&p shakers.........

some old fabric, lots of old linens and lace (not shown here-it's in the washing machine), some milk glass pieces and a spur.  Doesn't everyone need a spur - just one at least??
So this was part of my Saturday Treasures this week.
Till next time, Judy


  1. Lucky you! Love all of it.

  2. I just found 2 dolls similar to your Little Red Riding Hood. Great finds once again!

  3. Judy, you shake out enough salt as it is! Don't you fill all those shakers.

  4. Judy, I love your junk haul. The little ship ..sweet.xoxo,Susie

  5. Such wonderful finds, Judy! I love the little shakers, the vintage photo...well all of it really :)
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  6. How lucky you are, Judy. I love the creamer and sugar bowl in the first picture!

  7. You found some great stuff Judy! Love those red salt/pepper shakers! xoxo

  8. That looks like a little Madame Alexander doll...very sweet! And is that a quilt in the background? You find the neatest stuff! I need to go with YOU!

  9. Fun finds! I dream of someone asking me if I'd be interested in coming over to clean out their treasures. Love the little S&P shakers in the boat.

  10. Hi Judy, You sure found some wonderful treasures. I love the salt and pepper shakers and the sugar and creamer is beautiful. It sounds like a great day all around.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my redo room.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  11. Wow you sure got some wonderful deals. I miss little towns back east. Everything here in So CA is sooooo expensive. Sometimes at garage sales you can find things.
    Happy Mothers Day.

  12. You got some wonderful nice to rescue stuff that others don't want. Love the sugar and creamer!! Thanks for visiting me. Hope you find wonderful places for all your treasures.... Blessings, Linda

  13. Wow, Judy, what a haul! And yes, I love little towns that have a Main St. with unique shops. :-)

  14. Judy some really great finds! I do love the little salt and peppers! Cute!


  15. Judy ... you have a great eye for thrifting and finding treasures.
    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures.
    Audrey Z.



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