Sunday, May 5, 2013

Progress on the Playhouse


Do you recall me telling you about working on redoing the girls' playhouse into a storage/craft space for me?
Well, this is our back yard with my Coca Cola container and our fifty+ foot Pine tree.  We planted that tree from a sapling given to us.  (That gives you some idea of how old I am).
Anyway, this is the back yard with the playhouse we are working on.
The playhouse door was painted in a ME design and we had wooden steps that have long since rotted away.
Notice the attractive pallets for steps!
That was all removed and work started.
TA-DAH!!  A new porch and a new coat of paint on the door.  Love that color.  We are going to put a roof over the porch and trim on the sides and also another step.
The Oklahoma weather has not cooperated with us the last week or so.
I went to HD and got 12" concrete squares for stepping stones.  Can you see my color palette now?
Cool blues and greens.
I've never really wanted a pond, but always wanted a Koi fish.  So, I just painted me one on the stepping stone.  I'm not finished yet, still have some detail to do on it, but it will suffice for a Koi.
We are putting a short picket fence in front of the bush by the porch and it will have birdhouses on it. 
So, this is to give you a glimpse of where we are going.  Hopefully, we will be finished soon and then can start cleaning out the playhouse which is crammed to the top!
Till next time, Judy


  1. This is awesome, Judy and I love the colors! You are really talented to paint the koi fish freehand. Hope the weather cooperates so that you can work on your project every day. :-)

  2. You have been busy! Your painted koi is fabulous! Can't wait to see it all done.

  3. That is fantastic!!! Can I come over to play when you're done? I'll bring muffins. :-) I spent so much time playing in our neighbor's chicken coop-turned-playhouse when I was a kid. It's a wonder I don't have shingles!

  4. Judy, this looks so exciting for you! It'll be fun to watch things take shape and I bet you're excited to have a new workspace! I love that blue you have chosen too.

  5. ha ha this is going to be fun! Fish on the flagstones...whimsical and playful ...

  6. It's looking wonderful and the color choices are perfect, cant wait to see the final outcome.

  7. Looking good Judy. The colors are so pretty.

  8. It's going to be just wonderful if these first pictures are any indication! Love the stepping stones!

  9. I love the fish you painted! WOW! I can't imagine trying to do that! I just showed my hubby and told him maybe he could! heehee! Have fun!

  10. Lookin' good, Judy! I love the idea of the birdhouses.

  11. WOW Judy you are going to have one cool craft house. The blues are so pretty. Can hardly wait to see it finished. Like how you painted the stepping stones - the koi fish looks so real. Such a talented lady.
    Have fun this week.

  12. Judy you are so talented. I love the colors and to have a craft house!!! Amazing so far.

  13. Love your koi fish painting on the stone!!

  14. Oh my favorite color..that turquoise is lovely.

    And those little bird houses are adorable.

    But you know, the fish is the absolute best...that is stunning.


  15. Judy this is going to be so cute!!! I love the turquoise and green combo and the Koi fish is perfect! How fun is this going to be to decorate and use!

  16. Good morning Judy. Thank you for stopping by my place. Enjoyed your comment. You are really fixing yourself up a great play house. Can't wait to see the inside as well. hope your day is full of joy.

  17. Just catching up...and I see you are having a picket fence and birdhouses!!! It will be adorable!
    Helen x

  18. Wow, you are talented! Love that koi.

  19. That koi looks so real swimming in water. Love it. Love all your bright colors.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  20. That koi is beautiful! what a great idea- I've always wanted a fish pond but with four cats that might be inviting disaster



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