Monday, June 24, 2013

I Can't Figure This One Out!!

These are driving me crazy trying to figure out what these are!!  I showed them on my Saturday Treasures and have had a lot of suggestions as to what it may be.
I got nine of these at an Estate Sale and need to find out what they are used for. 
This is an overhead view.  It measures 3" across and about 1" high on the sides.  The handle measures 2 1/2" long.  These are silverplated.
Things that have been suggested are egg holders (too big for that), glass holders (the sides are slanted so a glass won't fit in them) and various other things.
So, if you know what these are, please let me know!!
My collection of little vintage clocks is really growing.  One of my newest ones is this one......
the one on the front, but look at it from the side.....
it has a domed glass front.  Cute, isn't it?
Till next time, Judy


  1. My mother had wine bottle holders that looked sort of like this but without the handle. Maybe there were inserts that fit in to make quiche or tarts? Otherwise, I am stumped. xo

  2. My guess would be to serve custard cups? I know there are bigger ones that are used with glass relish bowls, my aunt and mother had one of those. I'm really curious!
    Love the domed clock!

  3. I agree with small bowl holder of some kind, desserts or condiments. Looks like you have 6 so I would think they were for individual serving sizes for something. Maybe send picture to Country Living Magazine or one of the others that helps identify objects.

  4. I am also guessing they had glass bowl inserts. Hope the answer appears some day.

  5. I was really curious about these because I bake custard in a special pan so I thought they were used as custard cup holders like Laurie mentioned. I found them while searching for ramekin cup holders. They were used to hold ramekins (custard cups) in a water bath for baking custard. I googled vintage metal holders for ramekins and shopwiki came up with a pic of the vintage holders. They look very similar to yours. They appear to be valuable as well, great find!

  6. I wouldn't care what they were for, I would just love them with those cute little heart handles. How fun!

  7. Hello Judy; I still think that they hold fancy drinking glasses, as I have seen them prior when I was in Europe!!!
    The bottom of the glass fits through the bottom of the silver plate holder if that makes any sense, and it is supposed to be used on a fancy table setting.

  8. Can't help solve your mystery, but I do seriously love your clock collection - the domed one is really unique, love it!


  9. This is what I was trying to say they were for when I commented on Saturday's post. I used the words "crock or soup bowl" instead of ramekin. Hopefully yours are just as valuable.

  10. Judy, might they be salt cellars and the glass insert has been lost or broken over the years? I'm thinking they look like cobalt glass salt cellars, here's an ebay link with something similar:

    Yours have handles which is unusual so I may be wrong!
    Your clock collection is fabulous! Love them all but the new one is so unique! Deb

  11. I think the ramekin holder is probably the right answer for your silver holders. Very cool. I LOVE that clock! Great find!


  12. Ramekin holder is my first thought, too. If that doesn't work for you, we could call it a bubble wand. You'd have enough for a fun outdoor party for 9 fun loving friends. :)

  13. I was thinking for custard cups too. Or serving some dessert. :-) What a fun find!

  14. Love, love, love your mimi-clock collection! I have started one, also, with two finds...
    About the silver would not think they would be for baking anything in an oven (like holding custard cups in a water bath) since they are silver plated. Hope you find what they are for!

  15. I'm checking back to see if you've found out what they are. Looks like you've got some good ideas!

  16. Oh, I love your clocks.

    I was going to say sterno holder, but 9 of them? Does it hold something hot?

  17. I'm not certain either - this is one for the experts at Antiques Roadshow. They are pretty though and could be worth something!

    Love the new clock with domed glass - very unusual - a lovely collection coming together now.

    Happy weekend - Mary

  18. Hi Judy,

    What an amazing collection of clocks you have! That new addition is VERY intriguing, I must say! I also like the big square one with the blue squares, something charming about it.

    Thanks for sharing!


  19. I have no clue what they are but the clock collection is wonderful

    I do like that bubble wand suggestion in the comments :)

  20. Whatever that silver holder may be, it is quite charming. I am still baffled about it's use, so I am not helping you solve the mystery. Love that vintage clock collection!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  21. NO idea ....:(
    but...I DO know that I am IN LUV with your clock collection.
    Over from Sat. Favorites

  22. It looks like you have plenty of suggestions for identifying your mystery objects. They are rather fun!

  23. I know you've already identified that object, so I won't weigh in. The clocks are wonderful, Judy. I especially love the larger one in the back with the deco look and the blue color. Wonderful!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.




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