Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Have the BEST Friends!

I definitely have the best friends in the world!  Friends who know me and know what "floats my boat".  I received two packages in the last few days that just thrilled me to pieces.
The first is from my dear friend Linda Jean.  She and Gary went to a sale and she saw this whole stack of vintage linens and doilies and she bought them for me!!  She mailed them all the way from Maine where they stay in a sweet little cabin on the water in the summertime.
She's also the sweet person who found all of my vintage feed sacks and sent to me.
Thank you Linda & Gary for thinking of me!
And then, what thrills me to the bone other than vintage linens - you're right, vintage buttons!
My dear friend Kris in LA found these and sent them to me.  She said she was sending me a package and to be careful opening it.  It made me a little anxious because she is what you would call a prankster. 
When it arrived, I could not figure out what it was - it was a 5# box of old buttons!  WOW!!
Thank you Shelli & Kris for the buttons.  Shelli & Kris are both going on the Alaskan cruise with my sister and I.  We are going to have so much fun!!
Friends are such precious possessions.  That these friends knew how absolutely nuts I would go over these items just thrills me!
Thank you again!
Till next time, Judy


  1. How awesome is this! I love the old linens and doilies, so beautiful!
    Have fun with all those fun buttons Judy!

  2. You certainly do have good friends!!! can't wait to see what you do with all those buttons... :)

  3. You do have good friends but you are such a good friend to others.

  4. Those are awesome gifts! Charlie is doing fine. Sometimes he will start panting and that is frightening because they told me to watch for that. But just when I decide to take him to the vet, he quits and starts chasing the squirrel. I'm sure I'm hyper-vigilant. Hope you have fun on your trip!

    Cheery wave from

  5. Now those are great vintage gifts from wonderful friends. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  6. Buttons and lace, you can't do better than that for fun gifts to create with!

  7. Blog buddies really are the best! They know just what we love, too! Sweet gifts!

  8. You do have some very sweet and thoughtful friends and they seem to know you through and through. Lovely gifts that I know you will put to good use! :)


  9. Good friends are more valuable than gold!

  10. I LOVE how your friend LOVE you! What great gifts! xo Diana

  11. Welllll my dear friend, turn around is fair play..and I mean because you are always doing nice things for others, and it is nice to have somebody turn around and do something nice for you! You are a wonderful friend! Have fun with your stash of awesomeness!!!!!


  12. Such wonderful treasures from your sweet friends......and so well deserved, dear Judy. Your Alaskan cruise sounds so exciting......I am looking forward to hearing about it, and hope you have a wonderful time.
    Helen x

  13. How nice! The linens are beautiful and buttons...they remind me of my mom's button box!

    I can't wait to meet you when you get to Juneau!

  14. What wonderful friends you have to think of you and send you such lovely gifts!

  15. Very Nice!! Such thoughtful friends! Have a wonderful week...Blessings~~~Roxie

  16. How nice! And I remember a very thoughtful woman who once sent me the sweetest little bird S&P shakers. :-) (I do love them!)



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