Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Treasures 6/1/2013

Found this beautiful vintage plate at an Estate Sale and all of these gorgeous pins and earrings to use on my vintage linen pillows.
This large silverleafed frame will probably become a bulletin board.  Love these two framed prints of a child and her dog.
Didn't even notice until I got home that this St. Louis Cardinal pennant was football - not baseball???
Look at this beauty.  A black Walnut German cuckoo clock.  It is all there - don't know if it works, but I don't care.  The pinecone weights are so heavy!
And yes, I know, the deer has a broken antler.  I have already found a place to order new ones.  They just pop in and out.
I don't really get the rifles turned upside down but when I went to do some research, most of them have the guns????
Till next time, Judy


  1. The Cardinals football team was in St Louis before relocating to Phoenix AZ in late 80's. So you have a collector's item there! Mary

  2. You found some great items. The clock is beautiful and what a treasure.
    Have a great week.

  3. JudyI love the platter and all your bling. I do not have much luck finding jewelry at yard sales anymore. I buy it when I do, I use a lot of it on my projects.

  4. I'm in love with the jewelry! The cuckoo clock is a great find too. I have one, but mine doesn't have the rifles. Hmmmmm...

  5. What lovely things...I especially like the quilt you used as your background!

  6. Judy,
    You found some great treasures. What a beautiful clock. Even if you could not get the deer his antler I think he still would have had such character with just one!!! Great scores.

  7. Love all your finds! That jewelry! Oh man. I have the print of the little girl feeding her little her sweet pup. It's about 15" x 10" and in an old shabby white frame. In fact, it has been in my garage and about three weeks ago, I said to myself, "Self...bring that in!" I am so happy I did it's my bathroom now and I love her. It's great that you have both!

  8. Hey Judy; You have a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. The wood is from the Black Forest in Germany. It is an absolutely Beautfiul area of Germany. Most of the "Craft" type items which are produced in Germany come from this region. Your Clock is a Hunter's Clock. The Guns are very common on this type of Clock, as well as the game. Your Clock orginally cost a bit of $$$$. I am so glad that it is in working order. I hope that you enjoy using it, daily!!!

  9. I've never seen one with guns - but then I've never seen one with a deer on it either. I have a cuckoo clock too - it it just has leaves and birds on it - I love the sound each half hour and each hour.



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