Sunday, April 26, 2020

A New Routine

Happy almost May to everyone!  This has without a doubt been the longest 4 months of my life.  This post is kind of a random post with my mind going from one thought to another.  Know what I mean?

My tomato plant is growing like wildfire.  Course, we have had massive amounts of rain and then hot, hot days, so it is thriving.

The Hostas are doing their regular thing - suddenly popping up and just growing overnight.  I love these plants because they require very little attention and always look so pretty.

My little gnome and his former house.  By former, I mean - had my huge tree trimmed in the front yard and branches fell on it and broke it.  I'll have to find him another one.

This is an old, old photo of my Bronzer group.  We started doing a Christmas party almost fifty years ago and have continued every year.  We have lost three of the guys (including my John) but we still stay in touch and check on each other.

Last week, we did the Zoom thing and visited.  We had started having breakfast once a month and since we couldn't do that, we did the Zoom.  It was fun.  Not as good as being with the bunch but a good substitute.

I miss the "old days".  

I loved when we could travel... to Alaska,

to Branson,

to Arkansas to the Crystal Bridges Museum (this was when the Chilully exhibit was there),

and oh, the annual City Wide Garage Sale in Neosha, Mo. where my sister lives.  This has been an annual thing for myself and my sisters for years - but not this year due to the virus.

And concerts!  Especially Garth.  I do have tickets to see him in August in Las Vegas.  Will be very disappointed if I don't get to go.  Have tickets, hotel, etc. all taken care of.  Now, just have to have this virus thing taken care of.

So much for wishing.

Will leave you with this funny!




  1. I sure hope you get to go to that concert Judy and that things have calmed down by then. Stay safe and well!

  2. I hope so too! I visited your blog today but couldn't post a comment. Pretty sure it was on my end tho. Love your dogs. Stay well.

  3. your tomato plant is enviable! and your May door wreath is delightful, you do make some very pretty things.

    1. Thanks Betty. I do love wreaths! Probably too much - LOL. Stay safe and well. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Your tomato plant is thriving. I miss being with people but happy to have pictures to remember what they looked like. I know you miss your friends and John. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. hi Theresa. Things are beginning to get boring here! Course, we are suppose to have tornado chances tonight so things could get exciting real fast. Away well and safe.

  5. How great that your tomato plant is doing so well. Nothing like fresh grown veggies. Love the picture of your group celebrating Christmas. So happy to see your post pop up in my email this morning. Glad you are doing well and staying safe. I bet you will be able to see Garth in August. God let's hope so. Have a good week ahead.

    1. hi Kris! Yes. I hope I get to see Garth in August. Its not until the 22nd so here's hoping. LOVE your door on your she shed!! So cute. Stay safe and well fridnd.

    2. Third time is a charm. That is suppose to be friend! My nails are so long I can hardly type.

  6. I know what you mean about your mind "all over the place"! I feel that way too. I have time on my hands and just get overwhelmed and distracted as to what I "should" be doing but don't really feel like it. Love how your plants are growing so fast. It's hard when we can't get together with people or groups like we used to.. very sad in ways. I do hope you get to go see Garth! I saw him back in about 1997 or so, live in Portland, Oregon and wow was he amazing! I haven't gone to a concert for YEARS! I miss that too. Stay healthy, stay home, stay safe! Marilyn

    1. hi Marilyn. This concert of Garths will be my 9th! He is my favorite with Kenny Roger's running second. Stay safe and well.

  7. This new way of life so far is not very much fun, is it? I hope you get to go to your concert in Las Vegas. I can't believe how big your tomato plant is. We just bought "baby" plants today and hope to get them planted this weekend. It will be a long time before our tomato plants are as big as yours. But that's the northern part of IL for you. Hostas do fantastic here, too. We have them all over our yard. I never water them and they do well no matter how much rain or heat we get. Great plants!

    1. Hi Melanie. Yes, Hostas are practically indestructible. I love the way they just pop up. Stay safe and sell.

  8. Hi Judy! How wonderful to have a group of friends still together after so many years. I treasure the childhood friends who have been faithful for so long Let's hope the nation gets a handle on the virus, and we can all get back to seeing friends and family in person once again.

  9. Yes, we remember days gone by.... For us,it is Cape Cod in the Autumn. Back when we could drive long distances, on big highways, we always went there... Stayed in Bed and Breakfasts in old homes. Sat on the beach and enjoyed the ocean. Etc. ....... No more, but we do have lovely memories.

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