Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Winter Fairy Garden

Remember my Fairy Garden that I made out of the vintage Coca Cola crate that Brenda gave me? 
Well, I decided I didn't want to put it away.  So, I opted to make it a winter Fairy garden.
I added some small bottle brush trees sprinkled with snow.  Look at the precious little reindeer all snuggled up in the grass and snow.
 I added the artificial snow to the landscape over the moss.
It's hard to see here, but I wanted you to see the Coca Cola crate.
The little red chair with the flowerpot has snow on it.
So, now it fits in with the Christmas decor!
Till next time, Judy


  1. that is so sweet!

  2. Dear Judy
    That's such a lovely winter scene all dressed for Christmas - you are clever!
    I'm getting my decorations out this weekend as I usually wait until 1st December!
    Shane ♥

  3. So funny. I just saw two winter fairy gardens tonight. I will post them soon. The post before you showed how to do a winter terrarium......Enjoying the Small Things.
    I took my garden apart. Hated doing that. Maybe after the holidays when I have room I will make an indoor one.

  4. It looks awesome. I love the mini trellis.

  5. Judy that is so cute! Love the snow in the fairy garden!

    hugs, Linda

  6. Well Judy, the wee fairies had blizzard conditions:}

  7. That is so cute! Great idea to put it in the Coca Cola milk crate. Looks wonderful!

  8. Very sweet, Judy! You come up with the most creative ideas!


  9. you've seriously got the CUTEST fairy gardens!!!

  10. I love fairy gardens! I need some of that's on my list! You make so many fun things!

  11. I think you have frost on the fawn, lol.....or is that fake snow?


  12. That's a sweet fairy garden! I bet it makes you feel like a little girl playing with a doll house to make them. Fun.

  13. That is sooo lovely!
    Have a happy weekend

  14. It's adorable, Judy! And that reindeer: wherever did you find that cutie pie?

  15. This is so sweet, I really like the little white fence around your garden. Thanks so much for your good luck wishes for my show:-)

  16. Thanks for stopping by, it's always fun to meet another blogging buddy.

    Love your white fence and the coca-cola box. Clever!

  17. How creative is this! I never would have thought to do this. Great idea, and it's adorable!

  18. That is a darling fairy the little red Adirondack chair.

  19. Cute idea changing the season over. No fairy garden here - the squirrels would take it apart. They are digging like crazy in my flower pots (hiding nuts I guess)right now. :/
    I just did a bit of catch-up on your blog (I am behind on blog surfing these days). You have really been creative with lots of cute ideas for the the holidays - thanks for sharing them.
    Thanks for stopping by - I would let the leaves go, but My courtyard is by my main entrance, so try not to let it get to bad.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. I love how you made your fairy garden into a WINTER fairy garden - so clever and cute!

  21. This is just so darling! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Love it!! you one one creative lady!

  23. Hi Judy - nice to meet you! Thanks for your visit - had to come and see what's going on over here... and I DO love what I'm seeing! WHat a sweet little Christmas fairy garden! I've got a few drink crates, hmmm..., will have to see what I can do with them. Love this idea! I'm following you now so I will be back --- Vickie

  24. What a cute little magic garden, Judy. I love the tiny little red chair!

    My question has been answered having just read this post. Yes, you are Brenda's dear friend who has been there for her as she has gone through thick or thin.

    I have several Coca Cola crates sitting in my garage and one of these days I will try to do something creative with them.

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

  25. Judy, the fairy garden is adorable. I love the red chair and the snow . So creative!

  26. Ah this is just too that little reindeer! :)



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