Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Yard Art

Look at my new yard art for next Spring!!
Last night John and I were coming home (luckily, we were in the truck) and this house had all of these nice things sitting on the curb.  Some had prices, some said Free.  This little bicycle said Free. 
I said "Stop and get that bicycle!!".  So, he did (reluctantly) and loaded the bike into the truck.
Now for my plans!!  I'm going to take off the training wheels and spray paint the whole thing bright red.  Then, I will find a basket to put on the front and fill with flowers for next summer.

John said "why would you do that?" and I told him it would be cute.  He replied "how?".  He just doesn't get it!! I told Brenda and she understood!!
Won't that be cute??
Till next time, Judy


  1. it will be so cute, I painted one with a basket full of flowers just this summer ( I mean a painting, of a bike), very popular lawn decoration, men just don't get these things, don't worry we women do, I totally get where you're going with this and it was a great score!

  2. Poor Mr. 20 North Ora, he hasn't been around the blogging world to see the endless possibilities for an old bicycle. He'll be a believer next summer when it's all flowered up, looking gorgeous! Mary

  3. When you make all that money from your book, he won't even question picking up something from the side of the!

    Cheery wave!


  4. Judy that will be SOOOOO CUTE! I know my guy just doesn't 'get it' sometimes but says it must be a blogging thing! Great freebie!!
    hugs, Linda



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