Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring

I am getting ready for Spring!!  I am spending the next few cold, snowy, dreary, dreaded days working on new items for my Etsy @ 20 North Ora. (Can you sense that I'm not a winter person?)
Above you will see one of my new projects - a burlap table runner with a bunny stenciled on each end.  It has a minty green polka dotted ruffle and a banding of ecru colored crocheted lace.  Wouldn't it be cute for Easter or just for Spring time? 
We have had a dreary, cold rain all day and now it's sleeting and snow is supposedly on it's way.  YUCK!!  That's the bad news, however, it's suppose to be in the 50's by Friday, so if we do get snow, it'll be gone by then.
So, I'm just going to stay inside and sew, sew, and sew.
Just a note of Congratulations to my precious granddaughter Tiffany.  She was blessed with a wonderful job in a doctor's office today and starts tomorrow.  She finished college in December and has been hoping for the right job to come along and she thinks this is it.  I am so proud of her.  We had the priviledge of raising her and her sister Brittany from an early age and it was such a fun experience - especially after raising an onery boy!  LOL
But we are so excited as she starts this new part of her life.
Love you Tiffany and again, congratulations.
Till next time, Judy


  1. We saw that OK was getting some snow and ice. Yes, please do stay safe inside and sew until it melts. And congratulations and best of luck to Tiffany in her new job!

  2. Oh Judy, I love that runner! By any chance, are you going to do any with blue or red material on the ends?

    Congratulations to Tiffany! I'm sure you're one proud grandma.

    I hate winter, too. Good thing we can entertain ourselves indoors!

  3. Que belas imagens,amei de paixão!!!!Parabéns pela sue neta.Que Deus abençoe toda família.
    Abraços afetuosos!

  4. I must say this winter has given me the Blahs also! I'm hoping to feel better soon and get some crafts done! Congrats to your granddaughter! It's such a hard world out there right now so it's wonderful she got a job she wanted1

  5. That stenciled bunny runner is so darn cute!!!

  6. Darling table runner!!!
    xo Kris

  7. Very cute runner....love the bunny.


  8. I love your table runner with the bunny. I am a fall and winter girl but I am so ready to decorate for Easter. I'm going to visit your Etsy shop and see all your goodies!

  9. I love the soft greens in the table runner! Congrats to your grand on her new job!

  10. Judy, so glad to meet you:) I have heard so much about you from Brenda. You are a true gift to her, for that I am thankful. It looks like we will be joining Brenda for a new adventure over at her place. I am excited to work with you and become friends. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin this week, and I am your newest follower:)



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