Monday, February 11, 2013

Months by Colors???

Most people go by holidays and colors, but, me??  I go months by colors.  Get it? 
We all associate February with red.  Red hearts, red roses, red for Cancer awareness, etc.  So, I just think of February as RED.
Next comes March which is GREEN.

Of course we all think of St. Patricks Day when we think of March.
Then we move into April which is, generally, Easter (even tho it comes in March this year).  We think of PASTELS and BRIGHT COLORS for April.
So, see, it's not totally crazy when you actually stop and think about it - Months by Color.
Now, want a quickie craft project for Valentines?  And I do mean quick and easy!!
Here's a cute picture with magnets on back to put your child/grandchild's picture in.
You need:
Package of Sweethearts (4 in pkg. at Dollar Tree)
Magnetic Strips
Using sharp scissors, cut out inside the heart on the front - leaving a small mat of the pink heart.  In other words, cut out where it says Rock Star.
Tape a photo inside the box centering it.  I made a photocopy of this print to use.
Apply magnetic strips to the back.
Put on your refrigerator and admire the precious child/children!!
Till next time, Judy


  1. I like your color of the month idea! If you get a chance, stop by Still Woods Farmhouse and see how confusing the colors for the month of February can be for those in the deep south!

  2. Seu blog está lindo!!! Cada vez que eu visito eu me apaixono mais!!!

    Me visite:

    Pegue o meu selinho!!! E me siga!

    Com Carinho,


  3. I love color too! I see red everywhere,and love it ..can't wait to get into the pastels...your pictures are so pretty ..

  4. Hey! That's a wonderful idea! I've been wondering when I can use my purple glass, now I'll be fitting those pieces in by month. Thanks for a nifty idea!

  5. That would fit in with my ways of "organizing" things: months by color!

  6. What an awesome project Judy, I'm going to do this, and also one for my scrapbook page. you're right about months by color, I had never thought of it that way!

  7. A beautiful heart, and I love your shamrocks!! So pretty! xo Heather

  8. What a cute idea! Love the candy hearts box magnet. :-) Love your March photo's too. Have a happy week!

  9. Yes, red for February! I have switched out the red in my kitchen for pink this last year but I had to bring in reds again for February and am loving it, needing it too.

    With Easter coming so early this year changes will have to occur soon!

  10. You think of the most creative crafts! This one is so adorable. I like how easy it is too. I do think of months as colors too. I really never thought of it before. August and September stump me though.

  11. You are right about the months going by color! What about the summer months though? ;-)

    What an adorable and quick craft to do with the hearts box!

  12. Is that my heart on the top of the page? It's so pretty. It hangs right now on my front door for Valentine's day. I saw it and said, that's my heart she gave me!!
    I love the idea of the candy boxes for magnets with pictures! So cute!!!
    My grandson was born on St. Patrick's Day, so I love March!!!
    God Bless~

  13. I follow the month by color rule of decorating, too. I love your red heart and cute idea for a photo magnet! Very clever!

  14. I never thought about the color/month but it's so true. Adorable little valentine gift.

  15. Love the candy heart boxes. I used to make them back in the day when there was a plastic "window" inside the big heart on the box. Now that I have grandchildren, I'll have to make some of the updated versions. Still miss the windows though and I would have stocked up on boxes had I known they were going to eliminate them.

  16. Oh...for the love of RED! I just can't get enough of this vibrant and happy color.
    thank you for your inspirational blog, Judy. You are such a sweetheart and your joy is contagious to all who visit!
    Happy Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friend.
    Carolynn xoxo



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