Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saturday Treasures 9/28/2013

Alas!! A dark and rainy Saturday afternoon.  What will I do?  What will I do?  The Flea Market is closed for the Tulsa State Fair and it's raining so there's not going to be many garage sales.  The Estate Sales are most usually held during the week.
What will I do?
And then......
I remembered an inside Estate Sale held at a shopping center that was advertised by email this week.  I quickly went back and looked at the email and yes, it was thru today. 
Over I went in the pouring down rain - but was it ever worth it.  It was the last day, so everything was 50% off.l
The above photo shows my stash for the day!
A really pretty and heavy woven wrought iron basket that either stands on it's own or hangs, a cute little wooden cabinet and a bright shiny gold clock that doesn't work.  (But, I don't care - I'm going to paint it all up anyway.)
A sack full of old tarnished silverware - just like I like them.
Some little tart pans to use for Christmas decorations, a beautiful piece of pewter and a little Limoges-like box for Christmas.  When you open the little wreath box up, it has ceramic candy canes in it.
Also got this cute little Limoges-like box and thought it would be cute just tucked in some shelf for Halloween.
Two beautiful red transferware plates.
Love these Haviland Ireland cups, saucer and two plates.  They have gold rims and are really elegant.
I also got a piece of red/white plaid decoration fabric, a gorgeous lace doily (big), some dainty little embroidered hand towels and a couple other pieces of embroidery.
So, I was a happy camper!
Till next time, Judy


  1. Sounds like you hit the jack pot. The items are really nice. Love the red dishes.
    Have a great week creating.
    How's John doing?

  2. Well, you made out like a bandit after all! I can see those tart shells becoming something terrific for the holidays!


  3. There isn't one thing you bought that I would have left behind. What a blessing to have remembered. I think the box with the tiny candy canes inside is so cute!!!

  4. Judy, You are a great treasure hunter ...I love what you found. blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. You did good! Most sales around here are on the weekend, sometimes into Monday. Dark and wet here today.

  6. You sure did, Judy! I love all of it, especially the Haviland, and the witch's hat. Those tart shells, I'd put some puff pastry in, bake, cool, and add preserves, lemon curd, shrimp salad, mmmm mmmm. But I know you will make ornaments that are beauties. xo

  7. Love those tart tins & the witch's hat & the wrought iron basket & transferware. I am so envious! Mary

  8. Great haul!!! I especially love the red transferware. J

  9. Judy,

    You scored! Aren't the BEST deals the ones you never, ever expected?!! Love the red transferware and that very elegant china! Lovely and lucky you!


  10. Looks like a great haul to me. Love those plates. xo Laura

  11. You certainly found some lovely items on a rainy Saturday. I think everything is fantastic, but the silverware is my favorite.

  12. What a wonderful way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Sure wish I would have been with you to search for treasures. I love the little tiny hutch the best. So cute!

  13. Great finds. Love the red transferware. Was one a Mason's Vista?

  14. Oh, your transferware plates are fabulous! And that little cupboard is adorable, too. Great finds, Judy!

  15. Judy- You always find the most amazing things. I love the transfer ware and your cups are just gorgeous. Great day and great finds! xo Diana

  16. A great collection of items...

    Now I know why there isn't anything to buy in our thrift shops, it's all out where you are, lol.


  17. Wait.. don't paint the little cabinet.. how much do you want for it? I have a dollhouse that would love it.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. The tarnished silver is just the way I like them too....Blessings, Becky

  19. You always manage to find the greatest treasures!

  20. Accck! That little chest! Love it! Hey, you won our giveaway! Email me with your address!

    Cheery wave from

  21. I love the last day of an estate sale. You got some fabulous treasures. That little witch hat box is sooo cute, and I'm also loving that little hutch. Those cups and saucers are beautiful. laurie

  22. Judy
    great finds!
    I especially like the wee hutch and the red transfer plates.

  23. You always find such lovely treasures, Judy! I love the ones here today....would love to find such nice things myself! The little tart pans will make wonderful decorations for Christmas.....looking forward to seeing what you do! Btw, sorry my email to you was a bit late.....I got home from my trip thinking I hade sent it the day I left only to find it still sitting in the draft file!
    Wishing you a wonderful October!
    Helen x

  24. You really scored some good finds! Don't you just love when you hit the jackpot! Those are beautiful items.

  25. Oooh, I love the dolly cupboard and the tiny tart pans!



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