Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blessings Galore!

Now, isn't this just about this sweetest thing you've ever seen?  Laycee (top) and Kaycee are doing so well.  Your prayers have been such a blessing to us.  They like to be really close together and are growing like weeds.  (In a good sense). 
Of course, this Laynee is at the top of our list also.  We are going thru a rough time now with letting her bangs grow out!  It doesn't matter what we do, the hair is in her eyes.  Her Poppy does not like that at all!
JuJu and Poppy have been taking her out to places like Braums more than usual to keep her from feeling neglected with the new twins. 
Two other blessings in my life are Brenda's two dogs.  Charlie is such a laid back, calm dog.  And then there is Abi...
It's hard to get a photo of a jumping jack but when you talk to her - she grins and shows her teeth....
This is her happy face!
Till next time, Judy


  1. Wonderful pictures of the twins! Congratulations!

  2. Oh, I love this. The twins are precious and so is your grandgirl and those pupsters of Brenda's.. I love that toothy grin!



  3. Laycee, Kaycee and Laynee are the epitome of cuteness. I think they look like their Grandma too.
    You've been such a blessing to Brenda, Charlie Ross and Abi Rose. I know you love them too.
    Wishing you only good times, good health and prosperity in the new year.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  4. Those twins are so adorable and so is Laynee. I love Brenda's dogs, too. xo

  5. Those babies are both just darling. We are still going through growing our SweetCheeks bangs out- what a mess-her hair is always in her eyes-drives me nuts, too!;>)

    I am SO glad that Brenda has you in her life! What a blessing for both of you-xo Diana

  6. Hi Judy, Your little ones are so precious. Big sister will be a big help with her little sisters. It is fun to watch them grow. I can remember letting my daughter's hair grow when she was little. Always in the eyes. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and warm. We are to 18 without the windchill and the snow is coming down. Take Care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  7. What wonderful pictures! All the girls are beautiful! Are you sure that's Abi's happy face? LOL!

  8. They are all precious, even the fur babies!

  9. Your great-grandaughters are so precious! Brenda's pup, Abi's face (smiling?!) is so funny!

  10. You have been blessed with the adorable little darlings.
    Wishing you a great Sunday and a superb week ahead.

    Usha from warm Malaysia

  11. Such precious little babies. So glad they're home.

  12. Love all your babies! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the twins! What a full house! I would be partial to the laid back dog.

  13. Hi Judy, Precious little blessings all. What darling pics.
    Happy New Year!

  14. So wonderful to see the babies doing so well. Your life is full to overflowing these days!

  15. Hi Judy,
    those girls are truly the best treasures one could have.
    Sweet doggies ,too- you are blessed.

  16. Those sweet twins look so warm and cozy snuggled up on the couch! And growing out bangs is never easy. Maybe you need to make some stretchy headbands with fabric flowers to get Lanee through the hair in her eyes your spare time. lol!
    I laughed out loud at smiling Abi! I've got a friend whose dog greeted me the same way.

  17. Judy! Look at how blessed you ARE! The twins are so cute and that Laynee is growing like a weed! When did THAT happen? This past year has been a blur of time.

    And those two cuties of Brenda's are a fun pair. So glad you both live close to each other.

    Happy New Year!!!


  18. Sweet ! Sweet ! SWEET! Blessings all around !

  19. Oh those twins are beautiful and of course so is your other little sweetheart. I bet she is Papa's girl.' Blessings to all of you Judy.



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