Friday, January 3, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Treasures 12/28 and 12/29, 2013

Last Saturday, I went to the Tulsa Flea Market and got some goodies!!  I got this bunch of Bakelite buckles to use on some pillows.....
a charming little set of china somethings???.....
a kit for a dollhouse Grandfather clock, a mini chair, some other minis and a bunch of washed wool scraps....
a sweet little doll, a Scotty ornament and a really pretty glass turkey dish......
and then on Sunday, John & I drove to Joplin to have lunch with my two nieces who are here from California, my niece and her soon to be husband and my sister.  We just had a little time to shop at one of my favorite antique haunts in Joplin.

A really sweet ironstone sugar and creamer, a pretty vintage plate and some little ironstone ????.   Could they be salt cellars?
Another dainty little ironstone creamer.
Some lace and a couple of tiny ironstone lids.
Two sets of S&P shakers and a tiny piece of pottery.
Some vintage hankerchiefs, two small houses that are S&P shakers, a Mother plaque and a sweet ironstone pitcher.
I think this is some kind of a gravy boat, but am not sure.  It has handles on each side, but a spout on each end????
Anyone know for sure??
Till next time, Judy


  1. Wonderful finds Judy. The white figures might be toothpick holders (a guess). Love the miniatures. Delightful groupings.

  2. What a lot of treasures you found.
    love the tiny chair.

  3. Love your treasures! My favorites are the ironstone little pitcher, the miniature pottery (Claudia would love that!) and the salt and pepper shakers with the red tops. Not sure what that vessel with the spouts at both ends is. Do you think it had a lid at one time?

  4. Interesting piece if it is a gravy boat? hhmmn
    Love that little pink pottery piece!

  5. I don't have your answer. But I bet I know where you'll be tomorrow morning.

  6. You did score! Don't know what they are, but salt cellars sounds right.
    Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

  7. I can't answer a one of your "What is it questions" I'm not at all knowledgeable on glassware. I love it all though and I have a place in my heart for sweet little salt and pepper shakers...A couple of fun picking days!


  8. What great finds - I think it is a gravy dish. You really found some great items. So glad to see you are out and about again.

  9. Lots of great finds and I think you are right about the gravy boat. My favorite is the little pink pottery, are you selling it??? :)

  10. I have the same exact turkey candy or serving dish! Could the thing on the bottom be for gravy and the lower spout for those who don't want any fat from the top? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. A spout on both ends... wait... it's a baby! Just kidding! I've never seen one of those.

  12. comment disappeared. Two spouts make it easier to pour off fat from the gravy so that we can all eat healthier!

    Love your treasures-thank you for sharing!!

  13. What do you do with all of your treasures? I love the antique plate and also the buckles (for making cards). Wonderful finds!

  14. Oh what a wonderful bunch of pretties! I love white creamers and pitchers, I have a ton of them:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  15. the gravy boat thing looks interesting

  16. Cute stuff, as always! That little girl and boy would make cute, no-sew pincushions. Where do you put all this stuff? You must have a huge warehouse or something! Well, have a good's going to be frigid tomorrow! Better get out the long johns! Cheery wave from Bev

  17. You always find the BEST treasures !



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