Monday, February 24, 2014

Me and Dogs!!

This is a story about me and dogs.  I have always loved dogs.  I remember when I was in grade school, one day I brought home the shaggiest dog and named her Prissy.  I had Prissy for a very long time and was heartbroken when she disappeared. 
So, now I have the fabulous Bella (pictured above).  She is a mix of Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler.  She is definitely one of the smartest dogs we've ever had.  I had a miniature poodle named Michelle that lived 19 years and then a red Doberman Pinscher who lived 16 years.  Bella is now six so I'm planning on having her around quite a few more years.
One thing I really love about Bella is how she reacts to Laynee who is 2. 
She is so patient with Laynee and just wanders around after her.  Bella is kinda like me tho - when Laynee leaves, we are both worn out.
Laynee loves to do whatever Bella does.  If Bella stops playing and wants to lay in the grass, she does.  And so does Laynee!
Laynee and Bella share their food.
As I looked thru my photos, I was amazed at how many dog items I pick up at Estate Sales and garage sales.
All kinds of dogs....
musical dogs????
Old dog prints......
and little bitty dogs.
Vintage china dogs....
and more.....
and more.
I can't leave out my two adopted dogs - Abi Rose
and sweet Charlie Ross.  They belong to Brenda over at Cozy Little House.
Bella was an adopted dog, but like the sign says "Who Rescued Who?"
And yes, she is spoiled rotten.  And yes, she sleeps in my bed.  She is one of my most precious friends.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when you are so connected with a pet? My favorite pet ever was a black Cockapoo named Smokey. I swear he was an comedian in a dog costume. He was a pure delight and so very funny. He would actually play tricks on people.

    Enjoy every snuggly moment with your sweet baby! xo Diana

  2. Seems to me you need to take that doll house and make it a dog house for all those dogs you have.

  3. Seems to me you need to take that doll house and make it a dog house for all those dogs you have.

  4. I feel the same way about my dogs. Mine are so good around little children. So patient and never get upset with them. They sleep in bed with us at night as well. Love your collection of dogs.

  5. The smartest dog I ever had was an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. He was great with kids. I am definitely a dog person. Yours looks so sweet. xo Laura

  6. The best friends. Always thrilled to see you. Loved seeing all your 'dogs' today.

  7. I know how you feel about your dogs, I felt the same way about mine and miss them terribly!

  8. Judy, what a SWEET post! All your dogs, including Brenda's pupsters, are adorable and I love the way Bella and Laynee hit it off; they are just TOO cute!! That sign really does say it all...


  9. What a fun post! Bella is a beauty and her and Laynee are so cute together! And you certainly do have quite the collection of dog items! :)
    I am familiar with Brenda's little pupsters. I also have to sleeping on the bed: Lily jumps up on the bed with me at night but ends up on the floor once the other dog, Jugsy, decides to come up. I go to sleep with one and wake with the other! :)

  10. You sure do love dogs! I would love another dog, but hubby said no pets, so I will have to wait?

  11. PRECIOUS pups:) Love all of them! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. I am also a dog lover (shhhh, don't tell the cat). I have been blessed with many lovely ones over the years and now have a very spoiled Pom. He is my confidant, too. Just love posts by you, Brenda and Claudia about our lovely loves. Bella just shines love and kindness in her photos.

  13. I'm a cat person but I love all animals. Your pup is so pretty.

  14. Love seeing Miss Bella as the star of this post. I don't see the point of having dogs and cats if they aren't in the home as part of the family. I would be completely lost without my fur babies.

  15. Awww, I love Bella! She is really a pretty dog. I have a lot of dog stuff too. I have a collection of wooden scotty dogs from the 20's when apparently people made them all the time. I got it together the other day and was surprised as to how many I have! I can't imagine life without a dog (even though they can cost a fortune when they get old and sick...sigh). Your grandbaby is so cute! How are the new babies doing? Aren't we about ready for some recent pics? Hope you have a great day! I hope it stays nice weather wise--my roses are starting to get more snow! XO

  16. Sweet Bella! I feel that way about my Charlie Kitty and I find myself picking up cat stuff all the time! Those Grands wear us out also!

  17. Dogs are fabulous and are such a gift from God. I think they know much more about unconditional love than people ever do. Love the pics. What sweet dogs!

  18. Judy, I guess I am not a dog person....but I have met dogs that I just love. I think it may be because when I was very young, the neighbor's dog bit me. But my children have dogs that don't bite me. LOL I like most of them. I have cried over dogs before. We had a beagle and he died and I cried for a long time. I pet them , but I don't kiss them. I like your collection of figurines.
    It's good your dog kind of watches over the baby. oxox,Susie

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  20. We have a Westie, so I love the little white Westies and the red and white Westie!

  21. Bella looks adorable! I love dogs too and miss our Buddy, who died about 8 years ago. I miss him so!



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