Saturday, March 29, 2014

What a Difference a Few Days Makes!

Do you remember last week I posted a photo of my Weeping Cherry Tree?  It had about 3 partial blooms.  Well, look at it now.  It is covered in beautiful little white blossoms!
I am trying to learn to take bird pictures.  I will never be as good as Brenda, but I'll try .  We have little sparrows all over our trees and carport building nests.
This clump of birch trees in our front yard has had a lot of damage from ice and wind this year.  It is, however, budding out.  There is a little opening in this branch where one other branch broke off and the sparrows have a nest in there.  The father is sitting there watching and if you look closely, you can see the mother's head popped out - right where that vee is on the tree.  See her?
I have been working on a few Easter items.  These sweet little bunnies are rolling along on wooden thread spools.  They are made out of a batting which makes them look fluffy! Like me!
This pillow is made out of light blue linen and is trimmed with a green and white bias striped cording. 
Love this one!  This is hand stenciled on off white linen in a soft sage green color.  The cording is a sage green colored print.
This is a burlap table runner with a tan colored hand stenciled bunny, vintage lace trim on each end and spring green rick rack.
These items will be in my shop tomorrow on Sunday, 3/30.


  1. I love weeping cherry trees. Our very old cemetery her is filled with them and they are beautiful when they bloom, which they aren't doing yet. Love the beautiful Easter things you have made. xo Laura

  2. Judy, Weeping cherry trees are awesome...they just do not last long enough in bloom.:(:( I like all your bunny things for Easter. xoxo,Susie

  3. Beautiful weeping cherry tree! I love Spring. Cute items for your shop. Love the sheep and you do make the BEST pillows!

  4. Love your bunnies! Especially the ones on spools.

  5. Evening, you are so lucky Spring is in the air, such pretty cherry blossoms. Love all your bunny goodies, so sweet, Blessings Francine.

  6. LOVE your bunny things! So adorable. I just have to grouse a bit...we don't have flowers and my neighbor's big, giant trees (that I claim for my own because they shade my yard, aren't even budding yet, much less green. And I am south of you. I just don't get it! Oh well, at least it's in the 60's and not the 20's! Finally! XO

  7. Your tree looks so pretty. It is snowing here, yep once again.
    Love all your bunny items.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  8. That cherry tree is gorgeous and I love that little Mama bird peeking out of the tree.

    Your pillows and bunnies are just wonderful, Judy. You are SUCH a talented gal and you do beautiful work- xo Diana

  9. How precious is that little bird peeking out of the tree. Soon you will be having little babies.
    Your pillows and rabbits are darling. Such talent you have.
    Happy Sunday....

  10. Love the blooms and the bunnies:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. I can't wait to see some blossoms here, any kind will do. Your cherry blossoms are beautiful! I love the little, fluffy bunnies!

  12. I love, love those bunnies on wheels! Adorable. We have a lot of birds now, too, though it's been too cold and rainy to explore where they are nesting. Warmer temps are coming this week, so I plan to get out and check out the property. Massive clean-up ahead!


  13. So wonderful to see those signs of spring! And I love that bunny-flowers pillow. So cheering and springy!

  14. Those bunnies on wheels are too cute, as are the pillows. You are an amazing seamstress!

  15. Trees are a bit slow blooming here this year.
    The bunnies on the spools are so cute!!

  16. I've always wanted a weeping cheery tree - they are truly gorgeous!

    You made such cute things for Easter! The bunny crossing pillow is adorable.

  17. You are so lucky that trees are blooming already in your area. Absolutely nothing blooming here yet. Your bunny items are so darling. I especially love the pillows and runner!

  18. OMG, you have been so busy, love how flowers and trees repair themselves against mother natures wrath! Your rolling bunnies and pillows are just gorgeous!

    ps:Wouldn't it be fun if all of my blogging friends could come to the Flea...We would have sooo much fun! Thank you for your support!


  19. Such a pretty blooming tree. Glad it's in your yard tho as I'm so allergic. YOur little sparrows are so sweet.
    We moved to KY in April/99 and the rv park we were in was full of dogwood trees, gorgeous but lethal for me. My allergies and asthma were awful, the whole time we lived there (5 yrs.). Arthritis also most of the time.
    Your Spring items are so pretty, you're a much better sewer than I am, I'm too impatient. Never made the stuff around the pillows, never even tried, you did beautiful job.
    The little bunnies are so cute on spools. Where did you get pattern for them? I love the table runner. I've made ruffles on ends but never used lace and I have some pretty lace I've been saving for right project. Great idea for a Spring table runner. Enjoy seeing all your projects. You've inspired me.
    I have a friend in Tucson that's gotten nicely rounded as she aged, she calls herself fluffy. She'll say I'm not fat I'm fluffy, love it. We're both 73, have known each other since Freshman year in high school. She's closest thing to a sister I've ever had.
    Trees are just starting to bud out and some getting leaves here in Western CO, we live few miles west of Grand Junction out in rural area.
    Happy Spring days

  20. Love the tree and the bunny items / the rolling ones are so darn cute! :)

    Sparrows are really hard to get good photos of ...they flit around so quickly! When I try to get bird shots and then upload to edit, lol...half of the frames are empty because the sparrow flew away! : )



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