Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flowers and Weather

The flowers are just gorgeous today - at least part of the day.
My phlox just continues to amaze me with it's beauty.
The hostas are unfurling at an amazing rate.
I always love the boxwood because of it's brilliant green .
And I truly love the bright yellow little dandelion flowers nestled in the green clover.
John and I went over to help Tiffany, our granddaughter, finish her yard work.  She had been in Dallas all week at a conference.
And then - suddenly.....
clouds appeared,
and they got darker,
and darker,
and darker.  Then, the winds came up and the rain started.  We got the lawnmower in the truck and by the time we got home, it was raining big time.  We live no more than 3/4 mile from Tiffany's home.  We had just pulled the truck under the carport and it started hailing.
Now, let me explain Oklahoma weather.  It was 81 degrees today.  Tuesday morning it is suppose to be 30 degrees with a freeze warning and by Thursday, it's back to the 70-80's.
Crazy, isn't it?  But, that's Oklahoma weather for you.
Tomorrow, Brenda and I are going to pack up what remaining little stuff she has - like lampshades (and boy, does that woman have a thing for lampshades!), pictures and items too big or awkward for a box, and take them over to her new home. 
The movers come on Tuesday for all of the furniture, etc.
So, her move is slowly but surely, getting accomplished.  This would definitely make an episode of Lucy and Ethyl on
"I Love Lucy"!  If you all only knew!
Wish us luck!!



  1. Thank you Judy for helping Brenda move to her new place. I know she appreciates having a friend like you these past few years. You sure have earned stars in your crown from the Man above. Friends like you are hard to find. Thank you again for all you do for friends and for many others too.
    Connie, IN

  2. Bless you for being such a caring friend and grandmother. You are a true friend gem to Brenda. Every time I go to a Sonic now, i'll think of you chasing Abi.

  3. Your weather sounds like it is here. 77 today and down in the 30's the next couple of nights. Crazy.
    Be careful - don't over do.

  4. That was quite the dog escape.
    Big time weather changes.
    So glad most of the small stuff has been moved.
    So grateful that you are there Judy.

  5. That is quite a sky and lawn work story! Crazy!
    I am so glad you helped Brenda with her move. You are a doll....even if you do run around Sonic in your underwear...oh...wait...I guess you WERE dressed!
    Can't wait to see Brenda's new place. Don't overdo though- xo Diana

  6. Bless your sweet little heart. Not only helping Brenda, chasing puppies around Sonic and then helping your granddaughter. People like you are rare. God Bless You. Wish I was there to help you. Take care of yourself. xo

  7. I always heard Oklahoma weather was crazy. OH and I heard about the chase around Sonic from Brenda. Sounds like the move is going along OK! Good Luck for tomorrow.


  8. I'm wishing you the very best of luck this week! Take care! Hugs, Diane

  9. Judy, you are such a blessing to Brenda. Thank you for all you do.

    Grace & Peace,

  10. Oh the weather can change in an instant! I love Lucy and Ethel! My Daughter and I have lots of times worthy of that show:) Just having fun getting things done feels good! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. Those dark skies seems to always find Oklahoma. We watched on the news as your weather came in. Lovely garden pics. I planted Hosta and they doubled in a week. I will have to thin them out now.
    Loved the doggy chasing story on Brenda's post. You girls are too funny. It is like an episode of Lucy.
    Have a blessed day and blessings to you and the others for helping Brenda.

  12. This spring has really been different, hasn't it? We are suppose to have the drop in temperatures here in MD too. In the 80's yesterday and lows in the upper 20's on Wednesday...and maybe some snow.

  13. I'm sitting here in Oklahoma City...watching it SNOW! Yesterday it was 80! I don't ever remember it snowing in April...ever! You're right...crazy Oklahoma weather! Don't work too hard! XOXO

  14. We are having the same crazy weather in TX. Glad you and John got home before the hail hit and good nothing worse came afterwards. You are the best friend anyone could have. Brenda is very lucky to have you. Thanks for your prayer for Rocky. They worked, he is better.

  15. Judy, That was close...getting out of the storm in time. We are having a bit of a cold snap...bummer, things are blooming and growing. Thank you for being such a beautiful friend to Brenda. Blessings to all,xoxo,Susie

  16. Your flowers and hostas are beautiful, but you guys are much further ahead of us with all the things in bloom. My hostas are just barely peeking out of the ground right know, where they look like asparagus points! No flowers yet. Is John supposed to be mowing?! He feels well enough to do that? I've said it before and I'll say it again, God bless you for helping Brenda with moving. You are an angel.

  17. Sounds like Georgia weather only all that could be happening on one street over and we could have perfectly find weather!

    Beautiful flowers - I just planted some phlox in a container - smells so wonderful!

    I'm sure Brenda appreciate all your help! If she has a chance, she should post a photo of what her place looks like empty before she decorates it.

  18. Gorgeous flowers...I do love phlox, such a lovely scent too.
    You are such a good friend,Judy, sounds like you and Brenda have been having quite a time! Hope the move goes well and neither of you are too worn out!!
    Helen xox

  19. It may also be New York weather - we had highs in the mid-seventies today and the temps are going to drop into the thirties tomorrow. Crazy!

  20. These beauties are truly worth sharing Judy!!! Hope all turned out ok for you! I live in southern Illinois and weather changes like that in a snap as well. Take care!

  21. These beauties are truly worth sharing Judy!!! Hope all turned out ok for you! I live in southern Illinois and weather changes like that in a snap as well. Take care!

  22. Thank you Judy for being such a soul sister to Brenda. Now, you both try to stay on your feet during this process...who knew Brenda was a lampshade hoarder, I mean lover.

  23. Your phlox is gorgeous!

    If it's any comfort it was 85 degrees here in Western PA on Sunday and it is currently snowing, all my seedlings etc are piled on top of my piano and I will be going out shortly to wrap a lilac bush in blankets ! :)

  24. That's amazing the contrast in temperature. Your phlox is wonderful. Thank you for becoming my latest follower and introducing me to your lovely blog. Sarah x



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