Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This is a very easy and quick way to display a vintage photo that you may have had stashed away in a box or drawer.
Remember the old and very well used cheese grater I got last week at the Estate Sale? 
Well, I took an old photo of my Grandmother (Nana) and her sister and I used bits and pieces of old lace and trim and hot glued around the edges.  In the bottom left corner, I put some little cut out flowers topped with some tiny silk flowers and an old rhinestone off of a necklace of my Nana's.
I then cut several strips of heavy corrugated cardboard and glued to the back of the photo and glued that to the old cheese grater so that it stood out a little. 
I think it made a pretty presentation, don't you?
Now, to another subject....
Remember the cute little doggie planter I showed you yesterday?  As I was carrying it to put up, I looked at the back and obviously, it was pigs instead of dogs, don't you think so too?
I'll try to pay more attention from now on!!


  1. Definitely pigs.

    The photo display turned out so nicely!

  2. pigs . . . dogs . . . either way it is so cuteD!

  3. I love the idea of the picture on the grater, looks prim perfect. Adore the planter, so cute the little piggy's, Blessings Francine.

  4. That's a great idea for a vintage picture display! I like that you made it even more personal with your Nana's piece of jewelry.
    I thought it looked like pigs, but what do I know!

  5. That is a very cute idea for the old grater. Love that you had a Nana!

    Ummm...yes...looks like pigs to me! lol xo Diana

  6. Cute idea!
    I thought they looked like pigs when first saw the planter, but did not want to say anything. LOL
    Enjoy your evening.

  7. You are so creative, that is a charming idea. Love the little piggies and their little piggy tails :)

  8. Too cute Judy, three little pigs indeed.
    Love the photo 'framed'.

  9. Love the little grater/frame! Such a cute idea for display! Blessings, Cindy

  10. Piggies for sure . . . three of them . . .
    Couldn't resist . . .
    Like your cheese shredder frame work . . .

  11. I love your clever idea for the old photo.
    Three little piggies...cute!

  12. Love the grater frame...what a great way to display an old photo. Cutie piggies!

  13. Great idea! I love using the grater as a way to display a photo! Pigs, SO cute:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  14. What a clever project to do with a vintage photo! And too funny about the dog/pig planter. :-)

  15. Piggies? How cute is that! And I love this idea for displaying and enjoying our treasures! Sweet hugs!

  16. Judy, I love the planter with the three little pigs. I have three pug dogs with tails just like that. Last weekend my son bought me a pin with three little pig butts in gold tone. I think they look just like pug butts. I love it.

  17. Hee, hee! I had this vision of The Three Little Pigs and "I'll huff and puff and blow your house down!"

  18. The cheese grater is such a neat way to display an old picture! Where the heck do you get these ideas, Judy?!! I love it! And the piggies...I never would have known without seeing those tails! :)


  19. I love your idea of the photo. I just love it! :-) So clever.

    Pigs...who knew?
    xx oo

  20. Hi! I came over from Poppy View and I am going to sign up to receive your blog postings. Love the three little pigs - that is the kind of whimsical ceramic piece that I would be draw to collect. Charming use of the old cheese grater, too, as I like to display photographs in a new way.

  21. Love your cheese grater photo frame!!!

  22. What a great idea. We're all about storing and archiving life online but sometimes you need an amazing way like this to display memories.

  23. Love your grater display idea Judy, that is so pretty! And look at those little curly tails, cute!



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