Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Fun Day With Laynee!

Let me tell you about one day with Laynee!!
She arrived at 7:00 a.m,
she slept till 8:30 and then watched cartoons,
then we went to McDonalds for breakfast,
then we went to the Chiropractors,
then we went to Old Navy to buy new flip flops,
then we went to Wal Mart,
then we went to the park pond and fed the ducks and geese,
then we came home,
then we had a tea party,
we painted,
we built a tent,
we built with blocks,
then we went to Burger King for lunch,
while driving there, we saw that there was a National Pinto and Painted Horse Show at the Fairgrounds,
they also had miniature horses.
We went to the arena and watched them show some of the horses and
she and Poppy even had their picture made with a cowboy!
We left the Fairgrounds and she went to sleep on the way home.  She takes about an hour and a half nap and we start over again.
We blow bubbles with the new bubble gun,
we write all over the driveway with chalk, and then,
I have the bright idea to teach her to play hopscotch.
Do you know how hard it is to hop at my age?
Talk about two tired old people.  I bet we go to bed early tonight.  LOL


  1. Wonderful day Judy. Precious time. Don't know how you managed the hop scotch part, I do know I could not.

  2. Judy, What a fun , long day you had. We have to love and squeeze those little ones every chance we get. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Judy, what a fun day you had. I do know after a full day with Tiger I am one tried Grandma!

    hugs, Linda

  4. I don't think you could squeeze anything else in your day. What a fun and exhausting time. Your hubby looks like he adores that sweetie.

  5. You definitely have more energy than I do!! Sounds and look like y'all had a fun day. Wish I had a fraction of the energy those little ones have.LOL

  6. What a fun day with a precious little girl!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day!

  8. LOL- Your day sounds suspiciously a lot like my own! lol Could someone just please roll the bed TO me tonight? Care to join me? lol

    She is absolutely darling, Judy. Just a sweet, dear little girl. xo Diana

  9. Such a cute little girl . . . bet gram and gramps slept great after a day with her. Non stop isn't it!

  10. Hi Judy, you all had a full day and I am tired just reading this. Your grand is a doll. What a fun day!!

  11. She is so cute! I'm so glad you get to enjoy her. My little one is in Dallas. Enjoy your recovery! XO

  12. What a full day! Two of my grandchildren, ages now 5, and almost 4, live with us. Our day starts at about 5:30 and goes until we get them to bed at 8 pm. Some days I can hardly wait until bedtime! I do love them so much though! They are so fun!

  13. Grandkids are hard on the grandparents, but oh, so much fun!

  14. What a fun day for Laynee!!!
    She is so lucky to have you
    keeping her busy.. I love that instead of just watching tv all day..
    you are a wonderful grandma!!!

  15. What a fun time you all had.......and a looong day too! So lovely that you did lots of interesting things together, you and John are wonderful grandparents and great grandparents!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  16. She is adorable and it sounds like she is being appropriately spoiled.
    Hugs and get some rest,

  17. So sweet! ♥
    I like that she met a cowboy! :-)

  18. My goodness Judy, Laylee will never want to go home!
    You and Poppy sure planned a wonderful day for your sweet little gdaughter.

  19. How sweet Judy. So happy to read your post and see how much fun you had with Laynee. This was really sweet. Loved this.

  20. She's adorable! Sounds like the perfect fun day filled wit precious memories.

  21. Lovely to discover your blog Judy, via Ana's.
    How sweet little Laynee is and love the photos feeding the ducks.
    Happy weekend

  22. Your grand daughter is a cutie! Sounds like you had a busy and fun day. Many times after babysitting for our 4 year old grandson, me, my husband, and even our Fuzzy Pomeranian are tired out and need to take a nap.

  23. What fun. Your grand-daughter certainly kept you on your toes. That's something I miss, never had any grandchildren.

  24. Such JOY! She is growing up so fast. I am glad that you both get to have these precious moments in life. HUGS!


  25. Whew! You must have been exhausted, Judy! I made the mistake of doing hopscotch with my granddaughter, too, and now when we are outside with chalk she tells me to drawer "the number squares". I have to admit, I do sleep well at night the day's I spend with her!

  26. You may be tired Judy & John..but you'll never regret it..



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