Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patriotic Post

I decided that the front porch had all of the patriotic décor it needed and I had just finished my firecrackers and they had no place to go.
So, I thought to myself, the craft storage/playhouse has no decorations right now, so off we went (Bella and I).
First let me tell you about the firecrackers.  They were fun and fairly inexpensive to make.  I searched and searched and searched for round fence posts!  None were to be found.  All I could find were the landscape timbers which were flat on the sides and that wasn't what I wanted.
Enter the guy at Home Depot who suggested a fence company.  Duh!!  So, I found one and of course they had the round fence posts.  They even cut my posts for me in the sizes I wanted.  I don't think we could have cut that wood at home.  It was really hard.
So, spray paint the whole piece with Primer White and let dry thoroughly.  Then mask off the bottom and spray the tops navy.  Mask off your stripes (and you can see that mine were not even) and spray paint red.
The fuses are a large poly rope I found at Home Depot.  They have this dandy little machine that cuts and seals with heat so the ends don't unravel.  The kind gentleman cut my three pieces and seared the ends for me.  What would we do without Home Depot help? I then traced the stars on and handpainted them.
The fence post was $8.00 and the rope was $1.26 for two foot.  I already had the paint, so for under $10.00, I had my three firecrackers!
This little red wrought iron chair I had found on a curb.  I sanded it down a little and sprayed it bright red.  I added a couple of nautical pillows and thought it looked pretty spiffy on the aqua porch with the hand painted rug I did last year, remember? 
Laynee wasn't around so I bribed Bella with some smoked chicken to pose on the porch.  She was not too thrilled but did it for the chicken.
So, the little playhouse is now decorated probably for the summer.


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  2. This is absolutely delightful! I love your painted rug too!

  3. it looks great!! I must tell you, my daughter that lives in Michigan has the exact same dog called Bella, isn't that amazing!

  4. That little chair sure is cute! You always make everything look special! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  5. Great idea - you did good! Also like the painted rug - nice job.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Judy, How cute. I love the pillows too. xoxo,Susie

  7. Judy those are so cute! Bella looks proud (she'll do anything for chicken, right?) lol They're really a cute addition to the porch!

  8. love the fire crackers Judy(:) so glad you joined my blog..hugs patty

  9. So bright, cheery and patriotic! Good job!

  10. Bella is being very understanding (for chicken treats). Love the look you created for the playhouse, the red chair just loves the giant firecrackers.

  11. I LOVE these!! What a great, creative idea you had! I wish I thought that way. You are going to get a lot of compliments on these. I love your red chair, too and the nautical pillows are so cute! :)

    The 4th will be here before we know it.


  12. I love your page Judy! You are very creative and I love the patriotic theme. I'm following you now too! Take care,

  13. Your fire crackers are too cute! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Erica :)

  14. Love the fire crackers!! Bella is adorable!!

  15. How cute is your porch and that painted rug. I love it and have to pin and share cause it is so CUTE!

  16. Hi there! Oh I love your fire crackers!! Those are so cute and turned out so well! I started one yesterday on a stick I found. Your porch is so cute, festive and cheery! And of course your lovely Bella is adorable too! Have a lovely day!! xo Holly

  17. I love your adorable firecrackers..I once had a Santa made out of a post....
    I didn't realize until this week that Brenda had moved. I hope she is still close to you so ya'll can visit....

  18. What a great idea, these are too cool!!!


  19. Everything is adorable (including Bella of course)! I love those! Love your painted rug too. I did that in the last home I owned. So fun! XO

  20. Those firecrackers are so cute. I love the little red chair! Summertime!

  21. Love those patriotic posts and adore the anchor pillow.

    I just bought some fun anchor dishes.

  22. LOL! Bella is adorable.

    Those firecrackers look fantastic! Love the painted porch rug too.

  23. You are so creative wonder you and Brenda get along so well!!

  24. Your porch is patriotic pretty, Judy! Love the aqua with the red, white and blue; perfect!!

    P.S. Your model ain't too shabby, either!:)

  25. Judy
    You sure have come up with such creative ideas!
    I love the fire crackers. And your nautical pillows too.
    Did you know you have a spam in your comments box? I tell you this because they can slyly bypass your e-mail sometimes!

  26. I am sooooooo going to steal this idea! (well..try too..will show hubby)--I love the idea..thanks for stopping by..I'm your newest follower as well..and have listed you on my My Favorite Blogs. Blessings (ps loveeee your blog look!!)

  27. Love these! What a great visual pop for not much money!!

  28. Your blog is very useful for me,Thanks for your sharing.




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