Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saturday Treasures 6/14/2014

First off, let me say "Thank You" for all of the nice comments about my Patriotic Wreath.  I have to admit, it's not an original idea - I saw one in a magazine ad a while back and knew I had to make one.  I don't think there are very many real original ideas anymore.  We see things and adjust them to our liking.
But, thanks again.  I am enjoying it.
The Flea Market was not held last Saturday because of a huge National horse show.  So, I hit two garage sales and this is what I got.
A cute black cat hanging for Halloween (I don't mean the cat was hanging - it was a wall hanging piece, OK?), a pretty white china mail holder, an atrocious lamp shade - but look at the gorgeous shape - not the cover, some neat fabric pieces, some lace and doilies (naturally), a vintage pincushion, a set of old potholders in a hanger, a Victorian book, and some old watches.
This vintage wall holder has potholders in it - isn't it cute?
Some really gorgeous laces.
Here's the mail holder and some doilies and a cute little hand towel decorated with a bow made out of rick rack!  And the old watches!  Are you curious about what I'm going to do with the watches?  Stay tuned.
I have several old pincushions and just loved this one.  I have one similar but not quite the same.  Look at all of the detail work on this one - all of the tiny rolled roses.  So delicate.
And yes, this is what grandmothers let their precious granddaughters do when they are at their house.
She ended up with more chocolate on her face and clothes than she ate I think.  But, she sure enjoyed it!  Laynee turned three years old on Saturday.  Happy Birthday Laynee!



  1. The sweetest.
    My favs are the white letter holder and the detailed pin cushion. Nice additions all.

  2. Happy Birthday, Laynee. She is so very, very cute! That pin cushion is so cute, I have never seen a hanging one like is made to hang, I assume.

    You always find the best things no matter where you go! Great letter holder, too! xo Diana

  3. I went back to see the patriotic wreath I missed. Wow! That is so cool! My hubby constantly declares (and debates) that there are no original ideas in the world. I ponder that a lot! Ha!

    You made a killing at the garage sales! I have to have a peek at our newspaper tomorrow. We have had a week of rain that won't end til Saturday and I am climbing the walls! Hope it's better for you there in OK!!

    Thanks for the visit today! :)


  4. First: Happy Birthday to your Grand!! Yep! We tend to treat the Grands, give them a hug and a kiss and send them home to their parents when on a sugar high. :-D
    I always enjoy seeing your sale hopping finds - you always seem to find the good stuff.
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. Oh Judy, you always find the best stuff. Your a good hunter....
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter = she is so cute and yes, she did have more chocolate on her than in her LOL. But that's the fun with grandchildren - spoiling them with love.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Fun finds Judy, but Laynee is the cutest! Tiger turned 3 in April and they really are at the most wonderful age aren't they!

  7. The bag with the pot holders is adorable! And so is Laynee, chocolate and all!

  8. I am going back to see rhat wreath too ! Great finds !

  9. Love all that pretty trim and the pincushion!! Your granddaughter is adorable...chocolate and all!!

  10. Exactly . . . sweet the grandchildren up, back home they go, filled with sugar, mom and pop will have to deal with the sugar affects. ( Adorable granddaughter by the way!)

    Great finds . . . any gold in those watches . . . might be worth some money.

  11. I really like that attractive pincushion.... so handy to have a hanging one instead of a pad stuffed in a drawer. Lovely picture of your granddaughter, I hope she enjoyed her birthday.

  12. As Cary Grant would say...Judy, Judy, Judy !! I love your wreath, love it. You seem to find sweet treasure every time you go junking. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. That hanging pin cushion was a real find. I don't know if it is 1920's or 1900's. Ribbon art was big in the 1920's, but wall hanging holders were popular late 1890-1910. The piece of lace on the top is chemical lace. Judy, you found some great treasures. And I love the pot holders and basket holder. Fabulous.

  14. You've found some neat things. The pretty, antique pincushion is a real find! Happy Birthday to your cute little Laynee!

  15. judy..the bag is darling..potholders inside too love it..

  16. Such pretty new treasures!! Love your beautiful laces, those watches are fun too! What a sweet little flower bag!! Happy sweet day! xo Holly

  17. My favorite this week is the basket with potholders..and I love the shape of that lamp shade..Happy Birthday Pretty Little Laynee!



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