Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday Treasures 2/21/2015

Oh, how I enjoy my Saturday morning treks to the Tulsa Flea Market.  Even when the weather is bad, if at all possible, I try to get there.  It's not but about a mile (as the crow flies) from my home, so it's pretty easy to get there and shop.

By the way - sorry about the shadows - the gloomy days just create shadows no matter what I do.

Don't you just love the wooden crate with the produce label on the end?  It has an old rusty wire handle. 

I obviously have this "thing" for Butter Pats.

I always jump at the chance to get a good deal on vintage lace and linens.

Another beautiful platter.  I will be doing this one like the pretty pink one I did last week - only in blue.

A cute crocheted basket to hang in the kitchen with two matching potholders.

But, my find of the day.....

Look at this darling vintage, wooden silverware tray.  

The front end of it is really worn but the other three sides are in pretty good shape.  You can tell this was used for many years.




  1. Oh- I love that old wooden silverware tray. Isn't that cute? You sure find some sweet things. I also love the mini-crate with the label on the end. Hope you have a great Tuesday- xo Diana

  2. Love the vintage linens reminds me of my grandmothers drawer full of them.
    Have a great day.

  3. Really neat things. You have a great eye for things.

  4. Judy,
    You always find the perfect treasures. They are all so unique and fun. Love that silverware box how cute it that!!!

  5. Love the vintage silverware tray and the box with the produce label on the end! PS - congrats to Cindy for winning your lovely giveaway.

  6. Hi Judy! Oh, you do find the most wonderful things. The little silverware tray is so cute!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I love all your neat finds, Judy, especially the wooden crate and the tray! I wish we had something here similar to your Tulsa Flea Market.

  8. You found some great items at the flea, Judy! I'm always on the look out for wooden trays or boxes, you found both! Good for you! Blessings, Cindy

  9. What a charming and so very authentic vintage cutlery tray.

  10. Oh Judy, you've collected a lot of what I collect this week - the potholders, the butter pats and the fruit crate. You're lucky to have such a honey hole so close to you!

  11. Lovely finds Judy! You're so lucky to live so close to a flea market!

  12. I love your treasures! Wish I lived close to a flea market!

  13. Judy, lots of good finds, but oh that silverware tray is amazing. I love to see what you find at the flea market each week. I love butter pats also, they are so sweet.

  14. Love the goodies that you found! That wood tray is adorable! Really like the crochet pot holders...so sweet.

  15. You are the best hunter - always find the best treasures.

  16. Oh Judy, beautiful finds! I love them all but that silverware tray is my FAVE! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  17. Hi Judy, great finds and I love the old silverware tray. I am going to remember this place when passing through Tulsa.
    Maybe I'll see you someday~~
    Hugs, CM

    1. If you are ever in Tulsa, you must let me know. The Tulsa flea market is only open on Saturdays.

  18. I love pieces with a sense of history...do you think they were Dutch? Cute little thing isn't it.

    And those blue rimmed plates, are too darling Judy.


  19. You had a good day!! That crocheted pot holder is lovely isn't it! xx

  20. Looks like you had a successful day at the thrift store! It's always fun to shop places like that. You never know what you may find.

  21. You have a good eye for finding wonderful interesting things. It is an art.

  22. Love all your finds, Judy! That wood utensil tray is fantastic. What a great find. I love little dishes, too. The only problem is I have no room for any more dishes - big or little!

  23. I would love to shop the Tulsa flea market, I would have picked up the red wood silverware tray also
    I use to drive that a way on my way to visit my daughter in Oklahoma City when she was in law school there.
    Then my youngest daughter and I got tickets to Antique road show back in 2012 in Tulsa
    we ask locals where to shop and they gave the name of a little town not fat away.

  24. You got some great finds, Judy. I am a fan of vintage china; love your platter and butter pats. :)
    Have a great week!



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