Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Friday and Saturday Treasures

So,  I told you last week that I hit some really good sales.  Oh yeah!!
This is just a portion of what I found.  I'll tell you about some of them and get to the rest of them later in the week, OK?
Don't you love the little wooden hutch in the back?  It stands 13" tall and is 8" wide.  Cute little miniature.
I love this tin candleholder.  It is 18" tall and about 13" wide.  It was hot wired into a wall.  So, I'd have to have an electrician wire it if I use it.  It's really pretty tho.
In this view, there are some blue splatterware plates, a set of S&P shakers with red plastic tops, a set of six small white saucers with beautiful scalloped edges, two heavy glass ash trays, some doilies (of course) and some hankerchiefs.
I love this wooden box with the glass jars.  It measures 16" long by 4 1/2" wide.  Wouldn't it be great with herbs in it?
In this view, are some little dishes (more on those below), small white pitcher, cute clock with a bird on the top and various other things.
OK, these are the small white dishes I mentioned above.  There are six of them and they are 2 1/2" x 1 3/4".  So, they are tiny.  Anyone have an idea of what they are for? 
I found four of each of these.  Four plates and four soup bowls.  The plates are Anne Hathaway's Cottage and the bowls are Emm Court.  They are made by Myott Son and Co, Hanley, Shakespeare Land, made in England.
This gorgeous piece of crochet was in a plastic bag with the following note:
"Doily crocheted by Louise Rose (I think). 
Born 5-5-1892
Died 1-23-1989"
So, it is very old and just beautiful.
And last, but not least, for today are these charming Shamrock bowls.
I have told you that since my birthday is on St. Patrick's Day, I love to collect anything with shamrocks on it.  So, something to add to my collection. 
A lot of these items will be going on my Etsy shop later in the week.
Hope you enjoyed my outings.  I did.  It was so good just to be able to get out and get around without the snow and ice. 


  1. WOW, you found some great treasures! Hankies will always come home with me. It's always fun to find nice goodies.

  2. I always love seeing your finds, Judy. I believe your little white bowls are ramekins. What are you going to do with the ashtrays? Love the shamrock bowls.

  3. Judy, lots of pretty things. I love the shamrock bowl!! That crochet piece is gorgeous. Glad the weather has been nice enough to get out some!

  4. I love miniature furniture, and that sweet wood hutch was quite a find! And the crochet work is extra-special with the enclosed note. The shamrock dishes will be perfect to use for your birthday dinner!

  5. Judy I always love seeing your wonderful finds. Love the shamrock dish in honor of your birthday. That brown set of dishes from England are pretty amazing too. Glad you are having fun treasure hunting.

  6. I love that beautiful crochet and how neat to have a note along with it. My favorite find is the wooden box. It would be so much fun to decorate with. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  7. Are those little white "dishes" saki cups? They are about the right size...other than that I don't know.
    LOVE that little hutch, Judy. It looks like one of those salesman's samples from years ago. xo Diana

  8. Great finds again. Isn't it nice just knowing that you can get out and do something and not worry about snow and ice.

  9. Oh my you found some wonderful finds...but I love, love, love those cottage dishes. You do know how to pick ever so well! We finally got warm enough weather to open our windows today! YIPPEE!

  10. What a wonderful stash - have you found a place for everything? That is always the challenge for me.

  11. Some fabulous things! I really love that little dresser especially. xx

  12. Wonderful finds! The plate in shape of flower is super cute, like the plates with houses on them, they are very beautiful. The clock is amazing, love this little bird on it.

    Carpet cleaning Battersea

  13. Nice finds! I also thought the hutch might be a salesman's sample.
    We went from one extreme to another here also - snow and ice end of last week, and high in 60's this week.

  14. We always called those little white bowls "pudding cups" because my mother used them to make pudding. I think they are called ramekins now.

  15. Good haul, Judy! Might those tiny dishes be salt cellars?

  16. You are a shopping ninja! Love that little hutch! XO

  17. What a lovely collection of treasures you found! You always seem to find such amazing things....I love that little clock face very much. How nice your found a shamrock decorated bowl for your St Patrick's Day collection! Pretty plates too.....it was fun to see the one with Anne Hathaway's cottage on as we went there last year :)
    Wishing you a happy week, dear Judy!
    Helen xox

  18. I see lots of pretty things. You really scored big time! I love the little hutch, so neat.

  19. You found so many nice things! I love that wall sconce you bought. Happy Birthday (early)! It's fun to have a birthday on a holiday isn't it? Mine is on Halloween. Everyone is usually in a celebratory mood so it makes birthdays more fun.

  20. You found some wonderful goodies!! Love the crocheted doily...such a beautiful piece.

  21. You found some fun goodies, Judy! I haven't had a day of thrifting lately...you are inspiring me!

  22. Wow Judy, you found yourself a great load of goodness! I hope to get a little junkin' in this next week! We'll see! Blessings, Cindy

  23. Of course I love all the pretty things you found, but I'm here to say "Happy Birthday"! I enjoy your blog so much. I hope this year brings you much joy!

  24. Oh my goodness, you really found some great buys:) Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  25. Judy you have found some fantastic treasures there! Those dishes could be ramekins, or another idea flashed in my mind is a finger bowl (filled with water with lemon to wash your fingers while eating finger food). Take care xx

  26. Everything is simply lovely! You certainly found some delightful items :) Hugs to you!

  27. I have 4 of the same Anne Hathaway plates and 4 smaller desert or salad plates trying to find value on them. Do you have any idea?



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