Thursday, July 9, 2015

Every Little Girl Should Have a Playhouse

When our two granddaughters, Tiffany and Brittany, who lived with us decided they needed a playhouse, we had one built.  Now, Poppy (also known as John) decided it was foolish and a waste of money to build a little tiny building that could only be used while they were small.

So, we had a 12' x 24' building built.  The hours the girls and the neighborhood kids spent playing in the playhouse was so well worth doing it.

The photo above is Tiffany standing on the porch with the ME door we all three painted.

Now, let's go for a tour inside the playhouse.

It had to have a picket fence with birdhouses on it and of course, a mailbox.  We would take the junk mail and flyers and put in their mailbox and they got such a kick out of having their own mail.

We also needed a flowerbox full of violets.  (You'll see the connection on the inside).

We made the curtains out of a closet rod and covered it in fabric.  The end was a tennis ball that we covered in the same fabric after cutting a hole in it for the rod to fit into.

We had a border of ivy wallpaper around the room.

We had this old table and chairs in the storage building and painted it dark green with lavender and purple accents.

We got this cook top at the thrift store and took all of the wiring out of it.

We bought a starter unit of kitchen cabinets for the kitchen area.  The ivy wallpaper was just on one wall.  The other walls were paneled.

And yes, they did have a telephone that worked, electricity and a ceiling fan.

This was their old daybed which we decorated to match the rest of the room.

This is the porch to the old playhouse that we redid a couple of years ago.  The old porch had rotten out and I now use it for my craft supplies.

Like I said, the girls and neighborhood kids played in this playhouse from dawn to setting sun.  Our neighborhood at that time was all little girls, so they had their baby dolls and tea parties and on and on.

The photos are not grade A because they were taken a long time ago and I ran across them while I was packing up stuff and just reshot them with my good camera.

Such a precious memory!



  1. That is so precious Judy, I wouldn't mind it in my backyard for my great nieces to use! Maybe, I should get my husband busy and build one!! The little touches you made are perfect, to say I love it is an understatement!

  2. Oh, how I'd love to have a playhouse like yours in our yard for our grands....and me! My grandma had a small cabin in her yard that my sister and I played in and slept in when we were old enough. What memories! Your playhouse is so charming!

  3. That's every girl's dream! And you made it so pretty and special. A good place to day dream. They grow up in a hurry don't they? Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. I was just going to say, that having a playhouse is every kid's dream! When we were kids, we always turned some portion of the barn or house or corn crib into a playhouse. 12 x 24 is big enough for me to have a cabin at the edge of the woods. :-) It is just wonderful that you have that there! Can I come play???

  5. Yes I think every girl dreams of a playhouse like that. :) How lucky for your girls!!

  6. Judy, I would have loved a play house like that as a girl. Wow! You and John did it up right for the girls!
    Great Memories.

  7. How fun you and your husband must of had making that for them. The memories you made for them is priceless. Every little girl would of loved that!

  8. OMG, what a fabulous playhouse and great thinking ahead to build it big enough for another use when they grow up. I can see why it was filled with fun and laughter for those children....such lucky one. :-) Great memories....that's what grandparents are for!!!!

  9. Every little girl loves a play house...and the one you and John made is adorable!! Many memories were made in that playhouse!!

  10. What lucky girls, oh these memories will last as they grow. i would have loved to have one!


  11. Oh, Judy...this is so adorable..I don't know that I've ever see a cuter one. I know they really have good memories of those times.:)

  12. That is a great playhouse, Judy! I'm sure the girls Love(d) it. I love when our kids and grands can play without electronics or other self entertaining things. Kids using their imagination to play is so very important and having a playhouse and yard to play in is Great!! Praying you enjoy and wonderful weekend! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  13. What fun for your granddaughters, Judy! I'm sure you created wonderful memories for them with this playhouse.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh, those lucky girls! What a wonderful hideaway - and perfect for two young girls!


  15. Now THAT was a playhouse! What lucky girls!

  16. Wow - what a playhouse!! Precious Memories, how they linger . . . .

  17. Every girl dreams of having a playhouse and this one was just wonderful! The girls were so blessed to have it to play in and also nice for mom to know where they were all the time! Have a nice weekend, Judy!

  18. Luckiest little grandgirls and neighbors in the world! :)

  19. Luckiest little grandgirls and neighbors in the world! :)



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