Monday, July 13, 2015

Looking Good!

Who would have ever thought I'd get so excited about new copper pipes in this old house?  LOL  Our home was built in 1950.

Or having a hole cut in the bathroom floor?  They do  cover it up at night before they leave.

The plumber came today and redid all the plumbing in the master bath for the new shower.  He replaced all of the old pipe with new copper.

Bella laid right here on my king size bed with her sheet all day supervising.  She did a really good job!

Was able to save the little Weeping Cherry tree.  I am so glad.  When they took it out, it had very short roots so, we transplanted it to a place where we can see it from the screened in porch.

The rabbits curiously watched thru the fence.

And look at what they saw!!

The deck is all framed out and ready to go.  They will be putting the floor in tomorrow.  They are working from early morning until about one in the afternoon.  This week is suppose to be the hottest week of the year.  We are breaking all kinds of records.  Later in the week, the heat factor is suppose to be 120 degrees.

They did such an amazing job.  There will be two screen doors - one into the back yard and one on the right side of the deck onto a small deck with a pergola top.

These are my screen doors.  Sorry, but this was the only way I could photograph them.  Aren't they gorgeous?

The smaller deck will go over to that door on the right side of the two windows.

My plants are still green and lush.  But, we had 5 1/2" of rain on Friday last week.

So, if I sound a little excited, well, I am.  I just wish that John was here to share this excitement with me.  We had talked of doing this for so long.

I am so pleased with the contractor I am using.  Will give you more info on them later on.  They sent me a schedule of dates, who would be here i.e., plumber, electrician, tile, etc. and what their name was.

So far, we are on schedule.

Also, today, they came out and made a template for the bottom of the shower.  I know there is a name for that, but I can't remember what it is.  Yes, I'm worn out tonight.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.




  1. Woohoo! Things are happening so fast! Exciting!

  2. I am so excited for you! I love those doors, they look like the ones I chose for our greenhouse. Thank you for sharing the progress, I'm looking forward to seeing more...hugs...

  3. This will be so exciting to see everything as it goes along! I can only imagine how bittersweet this is for you though. Stay safe in that crazy heat! It's finally hit us here too, though not as hot as where you are.

  4. Very exciting! I think you deck is going to be awesome!

  5. I am so excited for you Judy! It will be so very nice to have a back deck and pergola area! I'm sure you will get lots of use out of it! Many blessings, Cindy

  6. I love your screen doors Judy, they remind me of home. It's all coming together so nicely, can't wait to see the finished product! I'm sure John is by your side during this renovation Judy, proud as punch and cheering you on!

  7. I love plumbers and carpenters and electricians and roofers and... tradespeople. They take things apart and put them back together again and life gets better. Copper pipes and plumbing, Ahhhh. Deck building, screened porch. Ahhh.

  8. Judy, everything looks like it's coming together nicely. I know that you will be glad when it's all through though. Hard work pays off every single time. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Judy, the deck is going to be so great. All this work will make your home a much better place for you. John is watching and happy I'm sure of it!

  10. HI Judy, it is looking so good. Your workman are doing an incredible job and you are going to love this when done. I can see you having it all decorated now. Love your screen door. I have the same one going out from my garage and we really enjoy it. Yes, we are in those triple digits here too and the afternoon is so over the top hot! Love the pic of Bella supervising over the work. LOL too cute Glad your little tree moved well and is doing good along with all your pretty blooms. I am disappointed in my hydrangeas again this year. The green is huge but still no buds or blooms. Too much rain maybe??
    Have a great day and stay cool. Hugs, cm

  11. How nice to get these things done this summer. Something fun to watch happen and you'll be so happy when it's done! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Awesome progress on the deck:) I have that same screen door on my little cottage out back! Enjoy your day dear friend, can't wait to see it all when finished! HUGS!

  13. Looks like everything is really coming along, Judy. xo Laura

  14. This is so exciting! I love the step by step progress that you are sharing with us - makes me think of HGTV. I think it will be absolutely beautiful when it's finished and well worth the effort. Bella and the bunny seem to be enjoying having the work going on. And, I'm sure that John is guiding you with each step.

  15. Hi Judy, Good for Bella keeping things in line. LOL. I love your new doors. So sweet. Can't wait to see everything finished. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  16. Wooo Hoooo Judy it is all going so nicely. Lookin good for sure.

  17. Wow, how exciting things are moving forward well. The screen doors are gorgeous. Bella loos cute. Great that you saved the tree. I know it was important to you


  18. Wow, your deck is gonna be gorgeous!! Cute pic of Bella! :)

  19. This is sooo exciting, Judy! Thanks for sharing this renovation with us all. I just know it will be beautiful!

  20. Judy your contractor and crew sound so organized & I bet will meet your expectations and more! Love your screen door, and your plan. I know it will all come together & be wonderful. Wishing you many blessings. Marcy

  21. It is looking good......and I do love the new screen pretty! How good Bella is at supervising :)
    Happy week, Judy!
    Helen xox

  22. How exciting to see progress! You will love it when it's done. Can you send the workers to my house when they finish? lol! It is so hard to find someone in our small community and then when you do, you are on a waiting list and it's a long one. I'm looking forward to seeing everything when it's finished!

  23. It's all gonna be soooo pretty. Our olden house was built in I know how excited you are to be getting this all done. You are going to love it. Those screen doors just take my breath away.....beautiful
    It's so hot here, we are about to roast....

  24. its going to be beautiful. So glad you are sharing the process with us. Love those doors!!!!!! Whereever did you find them? Bella is a good supervisor!

  25. Love the screen door!! It is going to be so pretty when everything is all done. Can't wait to see it when everything is done.

  26. Everything looks like it's coming along wonderfully! LOVE the screen doors! I think the word your looking for for the shower is "the pan" I could be wrong. We need to redo our bathroom...that is our next major project! Blessings to you!

  27. LOVE this post! Everything will look so beautiful when it's done. Be sure to post some "after" photos.

  28. Judy! I love this... it is going to be so wonderful to have this screened in porch. That is a pretty screen door. I can't wait to see it all...but I bet YOU CAN'T WAIT especially.
    I know John would be proud of you for getting it all done.



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