Thursday, July 23, 2015

Prayers for Kaycee and Update on House

First and most important is that I covet your prayers for my great grandbaby Kaycee.  She is the twin who weighed 2 pounds at birth and was in the hospital for three months before she got to go home.

She is in the hospital with pneumonia for the fourth time since January.  She is doing much better today but I would still appreciate your prayers for the precious little blonde headed baby.

Now, to the latest on the house:

Because the wiring on the screened in porch has to all be up to code, it has to have all of the wiring in conduits.  Ugly on the wall - right?

Well, this is the solution the carpenters came up with and I think it was brilliant.

They built a false wall and covered it in what they call Boston siding.  It is a interlocking wood.  Doesn't that look alot better?  I sure do think so.  The sliding doors go right into the living room.

Now for a few photos of the porch.

The side facing the den of the house.

Looking out the back door into the yard.

The ceiling is done in the same Boston siding.  The ceiling will be painted the Haight Blue like the southern porches have and everything else will be painted white after two coats of white primer.

Except the floor.  I'm leaving it natural wood.  I thought the white would be dirty all of the time.

The bottom on the inside is the same Boston siding.

On the outside, the gray at the top is a wood grain wood siding.  The Boston siding is at the bottom enclosing the underneath of the porch.

My granite is in in the kitchen.  I must admit I really like it.  It's not too busy and is just gorgeous.

Also, got the sink installed.

All of the wall paper has been removed in the hall bath and new sheetrock and mud put up.

The white porcelain tub is in.  The surround will be marble.

Got the gorgeous new glass door installed today for the master shower.  LOVE IT!  Only one problem - I had bought Brushed Nickel fixtures for that bath and the shower is already installed.  So, I'm talking to the contractor in the morning and going to go back and return the faucet for the sink and the light fixture and get new ones in the oil rubbed bronze.  The door is just so pretty and it's a whole lot easier to change the fixtures in the shower than the door.  OOPS!

So, that's where we are today.  They are coming tomorrow to put the marble in around the tub and finish the sheetrock sanding in the bathroom.

My Air conditioner is fixed - thank goodness!

They are planning on doing the Travertine floor in the bathroom and the backsplash early next week and then they will pretty much be done.  My stove is backordered so I will wait until it comes in and have all of the new appliances put in at one time.

Oh dear, no cooking!  Too bad!  LOL

Hope you are enjoying my remodeling job.  My tradesmen have just been awesome.  They must have been raised right because boy, do they clean up after themselves. Spotless!!

I really appreciate them.  If you are anywhere in northeastern Oklahoma and need any kind of work done, I would highly recommend them.  Will be giving you all of their info later or if you are interested, send me an email.




  1. Sending many, many prayers your way for Kaycee and for your whole family. I hope they get to the bottom of why she continues to have this pneumonia. Terrible. She really is a beautiful babe. Sending love.

    Great progress on the house. Things are speeding along and I know you are excited. I love everything and you have some great carpenters!!!

    Jane x

  2. Wow Judy! The porch is going to be beyond beautiful, and I love there fix for the electricity. So much better!! Everything is perfect! My prayers are being said for Kaycee, what a precious little girl.

  3. Prayers for deal little Kaycee.

    Your reno is looking wonderful. A screened porch, such a great idea. Bathrooms and kitchen reno look great, what a lovely sink surrounded by that beautiful granite. Looking forward to seeing the end of the job.

  4. Prayers for Kaycee.
    Everything is coming a long good. I bet you will be happy to see the end result.

  5. Prayers for Kaycee. The screened porch is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished porch with its paint. Everything is looking so nice.

  6. The porch is going to be beautiful.......what a great job! Sending love and healing thoughts to dear little Kaycee.
    Helen xox

  7. Praying RIGHT NOW for Kaycee! Have a blessed day in your beautiful home! I know you are enjoying seeing it all come together:) HUGS!

  8. First of all, prayers are being said for dear Kaycee. xo

    Secondly, I love everything! The porch, the kitchen, the bathroom! Things are moving pretty quickly - though I know it doesn't seem that way when you're in the thick of it!


  9. Poor little grandgirl...
    WOW, you porch is looking great and how fun it will be to decorate it...LOVE how the kitchen is looking and your bathroom too! It will be a "new home" in no time!

  10. Praying for sweet Kaycee! I know how worrisome this is for all of you.

    Your home is looking wonderful. That porch is gorgeous and will be a wonderful gathering place. Love the granite and the new bathroom shower is so pretty. coming along nicely I would say.

  11. Aw prayers for your sweet baby going up :) and Im loving your remodel.

  12. Everything looks GAWGOUS as we say in Alabama!! Prayers going up for that sweet baby girl.

  13. Sending prayers! I am enjoying seeing and reading about your remodel - it will really be nice.

  14. Sending prayers for dear Kaycee! Hopefully, they'll find out why this keeps happening.
    Your home is just beautiful. Love how your porch is turning out. Great Job!!

  15. Praying for your sweet great-grandbaby! I'm enjoying watching your remodel. Everything is going to be beautiful!

  16. Everything is looking great. I love haint blue porch ceilings. My prayers to your little Kaycee for a speedy recovery. Have a great weekend, Judy.

  17. Hi Judy, prayers for Kaycee and better days ahead. Your workman are doing an outstanding job. Looks like everything is coming along wonderful. I have the same granite and love it. Enjoying your remodel journey. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, cm

  18. Praying for Kaycee. She is beautiful and I am sure a joy.

    What a great idea for your porch problem. It looks great. I might find myself living most of the time.

  19. First of all, my prayers are with precious little Kaycee for her health and healing. Secondly ~ your house is looking fantastic! I can't believe how quickly they are moving. That porch is going to be amazing. Love the granite and your shower door, too.

  20. Saying prayers for Kaycee!! Your porch is looking great.

  21. My goodness they are moving lightening fast on all the renovations. It all looks fantastic. Darling Kaycee, you are in my thoughts and prayers, those preemies do get lots of respiratory stuff.
    Hugs to you,

  22. Judy,
    Sending hugs and prayers for Kaycee. Hope she continues to get better. Your porch is looking so fabulous and I love the granite in the kitchen. Things are moving along. Lookin good.

  23. I will be praying for little Kaycee. I hope this is the end of her bouts with that nasty pneumonia! You are going to have a wonderful porch and kitchen! It's looking really great and I sure wish your handymen lived closer to me!

  24. Hi Judy! Oh, poor little Kaycee, I'll be praying for her and the family. Glad to hear she's a bit better. Your house is looking wonderful. What a great porch too. You're just going to have a new house! I'm so proud for you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Oh Judy...prayers, yes! She is a fighter, she has proved this already!

    Your home is taking shape nicely. How fun to have new things.


  26. Sweet Kaycee is in my prayers.

    Your renovations are absolutely beautiful! I love the granite in the kitchen - it is a perfect choice. The master bath and shower enclosure look wonder and the screened in porch will be lovely and a wonderful addition to your home.

  27. I am so glad that all is going well with the works, sounds as though you have found some great tradies to do the work. It all looks really good.

    Very sorry to hear that Kaycee is not doing so well, I am a few days behind reading and commenting so I hope that she is by now doing much better. All good thoughts and hugs. xx

  28. Praying for Kaycee, and hope this will be cleared up soon not to return. So glad you really like the people doing the work....and are happy with the quality. Everything is looking so good! Stay cool, glad you AC is working...I don't think I could take it without been so hot here.

  29. I pray that the news about Kaycee is much better by now, Judy.

    I love seeing the photos of all that has recently been done during the construction work! It's going to be beautiful and you will enjoy the porch so many months of the year there, won't you? So glad the AC is fixed too!



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