Thursday, July 30, 2015

Updates on Kaycee and House

First, thank you all for the prayers and concern for sweet little Kaycee and her hospital stay.  Doesn't she look so sad?
I am glad to say she is home and doing great.  She goes back to the lung doctor next week for some more tests.  You would never know she had been so sick.  She is taking a lot of steroids right now so we are hoping they will cut those way back quickly.
Again, thank you for your prayers.  They definitely work, don't they?
Now, to the updates on the house.  It has been a very busy week.  The plumber was here one whole day putting in all of the faucets.
These are all in the hall bath.  The fixtures are all oil rubbed bronze.  I love the rain shower head!!  There is still plastic on the sink in the last photo until they are completely finished with redoing all of the sheetrock.
This is the door and hardware in the master bath.
The plumber was so gracious when I told him we had to change out the fixtures because of the door.  He never complained.
This is my beautiful backsplash Travertine tile done today.  It's not grouted yet.
I don't have any photos of the porch yet.  They finished the deck today and have started painting all of the wood with primer.  It's going to take a while to do all of that.
So, all I have left in the house is the tiled bathroom floor, the wood floor in the kitchen and the grout on the tile.
All of this in less than three weeks.  I am amazed!
This is the fantastic company I am working with.  Everything they have done has been done with perfection.  If you live in the NE Oklahoma area, I would highly recommend them.  They have just been fantastic to work with.
I pick the girls up and keep them two nights a week until Tiffany gets home.  The other night, I got ready to go home and they all cried.  Then they disappeared.
This is the front door - I'd say they didn't want me to leave, what do you think?  LOL
Needless to say, I stayed a little longer.
Will have some more photos in a few days.  Hope you aren't getting bored with the pictures.  It is my life right now. 


  1. So glad Kaycee is home and going better. Love when you share your progress, it's as if I'm remodeling with ya! Thanks for lending your ear to me...much appreciated!

  2. Kaycee is a dear, I can tell. I have a close friend named Kaycee so the name is special to me. Glad you are getting all your faucets installed.

  3. God Bless little Kaycee. I continue to pray for her. Keep those pictures coming. We want to experience this with you, girl!

  4. Judy,
    I have been in Edmond Oklahoma ( sent you a message via Etsy) just wanted you to know that I am so thankful your little sweetheart is home. Sending prayers that she will stay strong and healthy. Your updates are turning out so pretty!

  5. I never ever get bored of pictures. Love them. What a sweet little Kaycee, so glad she is home again. The little grands are certainly making their wishes known.

    Love seeing how the renos are going in your home. I love the rubbed bronze.

  6. I know you're so relieved to have your precious little granddaughter home!

    I'm so happy that everything is moving along with the house. It won't be long before you'll be ready to enjoy it all.

  7. So glad to hear the good news re Kaycee. Everything else with your renovations looks as though it is going really well and is all going to be so lovely!! Cannot wait to see more - although I am sure that you are more excited than we are! xx

  8. So glad little Kaycee is home and getting better. Your house renovations seem to be speeding along very fast, and it is looking great! Love the picture of the three little ones trying to stop you leaving, so cute! Have a good weekend, Judy.
    Helen xox

  9. Those beautiful girls obviously adore you, Judy! So happy to hear that Kaycee is doing much better. Bless her heart. The bathroom looks gorgeous - you must be so excited!


  10. Hi Judy, so happy Kaycee is doing better and home now. Those three blocking the door are too cute.
    Great progress on your reno. It sure looks gorgeous. I have the same backsplash and I had them do it on the angle too. Love it. The bath fixtures are beautiful. Have a great weekend and get some rest when you can. Hugs, cm

  11. So good to hear that Kaycee is home and doing so much better. I love how the Grands blocked the door so you didn't leave! Your house is coming a long nicely. I know you will be glad when it is all done.

  12. O so glad the baby girl is home and doing much better. The 3 of them guarding the door is so precious. Aren't we blessed to be grandmothers !
    I love everything you showed us in this post...that back splash in kitchen is beautiful...and all the fixtures are so pretty. Lovin' that shower head !

  13. So glad your sweet baby girl is doing better!! And your house is looking amazin!!

  14. Hi Judy! Oh I'm so glad to know little Kaycee is better and at home. I know you're all relieved so much. Your house is looking wonderful! I know you're excited.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. So good to hear little precious Kaycee is on the mend again.
    It's so scary when our babies get that seriously sick

  16. Love your updates on your house....have been following you but for some reason could not I finally can. Glad to hear you little Kaycee is doing better.

  17. Judy, I am so very glad that Kaycee is home now; thanks for her pic and the one with Kaycee and her sisters blocking the front door so you can't leave! LOL! These kids! They have THAT look, like they know they've done some mischief! Glad your house redo is coming along so smoothly...

  18. Judy,
    So glad Kaycee is home and doing better. Power of prayer works. The kids are so cute to block you from leaving. You are way too much fun. I am sure that makes your heart sing. Love all the pretty tile and fixtures. It is looking so great. I cannot wait to see all the areas done. Have a wonderful week end Judy.

  19. Great to hear she is doing so much better. Those little girls love their Grandmother. :-D
    Enjoy the weekend.

  20. So glad to hear that Kaycee is home and doing better. Too cute that the girls blocked the door so you couldn't leave!! Love all your new fixtures!

  21. prayers and get well wishes for Kaycee oxox

  22. I'm so happy about the baby! Your place will be a show stopper! I've been so busy that I've neglected all my friends. I'm making progress (slow and steady) on the nightmare top as I now affectionately call We are getting tons of new fabric in...fabric is coming every day next week. I think of you often. XO

  23. So glad she is doing better. If you were my Grandmother I would not want you to leave either!

  24. Oh, she does look so sad! It is so hard to see little ones when they are sick!! Glad to hear that she is doing better. I pray that she will continue to keep doing that! The cuties by the door made me smile. Your house is coming along nicely and looking gorgeous!



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