Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Sick Baby and Peeks Around The House

Laynee got to feeling bad at school with an ear ache and came home to spend the day with me.  I could tell she didn't feel good because all she wanted to do was lay around and sleep.  Of course, Bella laid right there beside here all day tending to her needs.  LOL

A few peeks around the house...

the guest bedroom...

adding some Christmas towels to the bathroom...

some silver and white in the LR...(notice a new piece of vintage furniture?  more on that later on)

some little white ceramic houses in the bookcase...these were from Target - $3.00 each...

a little Christmas church tucked in my red transferware...

a cute garland on the fireplace mantle...

one of my newest finds - $10.00 at a garage sale...

the cheerful breakfast room...

the cute little truck plates are from Target also...

changed all of my vintage tablecloths to vintage Christmas tablecloths on the ladder in the den...

how fun to decorate for Christmas with a red couch in the den!!




  1. Judy, I am sorry your grandbaby doesn't feel well. An earache is horrid. Breaks my heart when children are sick and hurting. praying for her. I loved your church and pillows. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Sweet Laynee, hugs for her. Hope her ear stops aching, that is so very painful. A treat to see your home decorated for Christmas Judy. Hugs for you too.

  3. Poor Laynee! She looks like she doesn't feel well at all! Bella will make it all go away!


  4. Love the Christmas touches around your house, Judy! Of course, I'm loving all the the guest room, your couch, etc. Cute plates from Target! Good thing I didn't see these when I was there a few days ago. ;-) Poor Laynee...she looks so pitiful in this photo. I hope she's feeling better by now. So sweet that Bella was by her side.

  5. Bella is a good nurse :) Poor little grandgirl. Fun to see your Christmas touches, Love the ladder of linens!

  6. So sorry about the little sick one, hope she is better now. Bella is keep her company and warm. They seem to know when we don't feel well.

    Love all your red and your red couch. I love mine also. Great post Judy and have a wonderful weekend. Your decorations look so good.


  7. Hi Judy, I so hope your grand gets to feeling better. It's that time of year isn't it? Bella is the best nurse keeping her company. Christmas is lovely around your new home. Love the guest room and the breakfast table is adorable. Love those sweet truck plates. Your red couch is a treasure. Have a nice weekend and stay warm. We woke to 25 degrees this morning. Rare for us and way too cold!! xo

  8. Judy it all looks great! Poor Laynee! My little Scout was sick this week also but is better now. Hugs to you all.

  9. Poor Laynee....I hope she's feeling better real soon.
    Your home is so cozy AND SO festive; I love all your Christmas touches.

  10. BLess her heart she does look like she is not feeling well. Hopefully all is better now. Love your decorations.

  11. Poor little Laynee. Hope she feels better soon. So happy Bella was looking out for her too. Adorable.
    All your little touches of Christmas are looking so pretty. Red is your color. You do it so well.

  12. I love all your sweet festive and sorry your little sweetie is feeling bad...
    I have a gum ball machine like yours...have a wonderful Christmas...and thanks again for coming by...xoxo

  13. Judy, your home looks so pretty. I love the tablecloths on the ladder. They are so pretty! Hope your grandbaby is better by now. I keep mine when she's not feeling well too. I think you have done a fabulous job in your new place. I always enjoy seeing it!! Merry Christmas!

  14. So sorry your sweet little Laynee is sick and how sweet is that Bella watching over her. Dogs are special beings

    Merry Christmas

  15. So festive and pretty! Sorry your little girl is not feeling well! Merry Christmas!



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