Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fa La La La La The Trees Are Done and The Guest Room is Ready for the Holidays

Bright and early on Wednesday morning the crew showed up to work on the trees.  This company was fantastic.  I'll tell you more as we proceed.

It was an work of art.  Bella and I spent most of the day just watching in amazement at the skill of these young men.

They certainly knew exactly what they were doing.  Each branch that was cut off was tied to a rope and went down just where they wanted it to go.

When they got down to about 20' the cut the wedge in the bottom of the tree which was about 39" across.

Then, five of the guys pulled on the rope while the tree trimmer finished cutting thru the tree trunk.

And down she went!!  I thought "I bet the neighbors think we've had another earthquake because it really shook the house when it hit the ground".

Anyway, they removed four trees, grinded all the stumps, trimmed the three big trees in the front yard, and cleaned up unbelievably.

Get this - they raked the entire front and back yard, cleaned out my flower beds, trimmed the hedge in front and back yard, swept off the front porch and even cleaned out my gutters!!  All very polite and so professional.  I have no qualms at all about recommending Watkins Tree Service.  If you are in the Tulsa area, their phone number is on the first photo of their truck.

Since I was home all day, I decided in between running to the back to watch the tree work, to add a little holiday cheer to my guest room.

I used the Santa hat arrangement I had made for the Christmas Every Monday series on my little what not cabinet.

Over the bed from the bedposts, I hung a greenery garland, a red and cream garland and a ball garland made out of felted wool.

I put three little trees on this cranberry cake pedestal.

At the end, I decided to add a bow to each end of the garlands.  I had found this gorgeous velvet ribbon with pom poms on both sides at an Estate Sale a while back.

A little story about the Santa pillow.  My Mom did lots of arts and craft shows at Christmas.  She made tons of these cross stitched pillows with Santas on them.

A lady called my sister Rita who lives in Pryor where Mom and Dad lived and said she had something she wanted us three girls to have.  When she brought them, there were probably 12-15 of these hand stitched pillows my Mom had made and sold at a bazaar in Pryor.  The lady who bought them had passed away and the daughter was cleaning out the house.  She immediately knew who had made them because they had my Mom's initials on them.  She insisted on giving them back to us to share.

So, they will always be really special and so will she.

Thank you sweet lady.




  1. Getting the pillows your mother made is really special...very thoughtful of Rita!
    The guest room is looking lovely!
    We have had trees taken down, too...I am always amazed!

  2. We had our trees trimmed a few years ago. I was mesmerized. I think one of these guys was part monkey. So brave!!!

    Good for you with your decorating. I'd like to do a little something in our master as it's one of the first rooms you see when you walk down the first hall (yes, my old house is full of halls. Sort of like a maze!).

    Happy Holidays, Judy!

    Jane x

  3. What a great day ! The tree company was above excellent ! No more worries about wind and storms and danger from tree branches. How sweet and lovely to have your Mother's cushions returned with such kind words too. Hugs.

  4. Tree people are amazing. My daughter has had several taken down at her house and it is fun to watch. Love your decorating and oh to have those pillows. Very special. I love my Christmas Hankie pillow you made, it's a special item I pull out each year.

  5. Hi Judy, It is amazing how these tree guys cut down these trees. We have a great crew here too and when you find a professional outfit, it is a blessing. So glad they did all the other work too. You're all set for the winter. Love the guestroom decor. The velvet pompom ribbon is beautiful. What a special thing for the lady to do in giving back all those pillows. They are gorgeous. Just like a little gift from your mom this year!!
    Have a great weekend. xo

  6. I certainly wish that the city of Fullerton had tree trimmers like those - the murder our trees.
    They did a wonderful job.
    Your guest room looks terrific and that pillow WOW. What a nice lady to give back those wonderful pillows your mother made.

    Have a wonderful week Judy.


  7. Now that's some wonderful tree trimmers! Wish they were in MY area! Your touches of Christmas around your house are so pretty. Loved the story of your mom's Christmas pillows.

  8. We had a huge tree taken down this was so hard because I love that tree. We save a lot of the wood for our fireplace. Love the velvet pompom ribbon and how nice it was for the lady to return the pillows to you. What a great gift...

  9. Love the pillow story Judy. Good job with the trees.

  10. I read this to my hubby...what an amazing crew! We've had trees cut down and are always amazed at the job they do but nothing like this! Love your pretty things too! Holiday hugs, Diane

  11. Those tree cutters were professionals for sure! LOVE that sweet pillow, what a wonderful gift that your Mama made! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. How sweet and special about your mom's pillows coming back to you girls. That is amazing and divine intervention for sure. Your mom wanted you to have those. They are perfect for your decor too. That guest room is looking so cozy and pretty for the holidays. I am on my way to check into your B&B!!!!



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