Sunday, April 19, 2020

April 19

On a beautiful day like today, it is hard to imagine that 25 years ago today, the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was bombed.  This day is especially memorable to me as my dear sweet husband John was in Oklahoma City during this.

John was on a business call about 6 blocks from the building when it exploded.  It literally knocked him out of his chair.  Luckily he was on the opposite side of the building.  The opposite side had glass shattered into the offices.  

He immediately went to his car which fortunately was on the opposite side of the blast.  The cars on the other side were badly damaged, however, his was OK.

He immediately called me and said he was ok - at this point he had no idea what had happened.  He immediately left OKC to come home.  When he tried calling his office in Tulsa, the phone lines were jammed and he could not get thru.

He made it home safely and for many years was haunted by this terrible act of terrorism.  

One of his customers gave him tickets to the dedication 5 years later.  Tiff and John and I went and it was so inspiring.  Oklahoma definitely came together as a state and wasn't going to let this event ruin our state.

I remember thinking at the dedication how tall President Clinton was.  Funny the things you remember.  We were on about the 5th row of the ceremony.

The Memorial is something to behold.  A real tribute to all the lives lost, the ones who survived and all of those rescuers.

If you are ever in the state of Oklahoma and if we are traveling again, please take the time to go see this awesome memorial.  It is definitely worth your time.



  1. I read about this being the 25th anniversary in the Chicago Tribune today. So hard to believe it's been 25 years. I remember it like it was just a few years ago. It hit me especially hard at the time because of all those little children in the daycare in that building that were killed. My boys were only 4 and 6 at the time, so my mama's heart was especially broken over the deaths of these children.

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  2. I have a good friend that worked in that building. She was across town at a meeting so she survived. A cousin worked in one of the buildings close by and all the windows were blown out. She was okay. One of my classmates worked for the GSA. He got out safely but went back in twice and brought out co-workers. The third time in he headed for the daycare center and lost his life. The memorial and museum are a great tribute. I have been there more than once through the years and it always surprises me how quiet everyone is and how moved they are.

  3. I remember this day. Such a sad day. I always hated that it happened on my birthday. My brother lives there and said you could hear and feel that bombing for miles. So happy to hear John was ok and not in that building. Such a sad time in our country.

  4. I remember that day well. SO SAD! Happy that John wasn't injured physically. Sending HUGS and PRAYERS across the miles.

  5. I remember that day so well. The first of so many bad things to happen in our country by our own citizens. Gald John was safe. Take care my friend.

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