Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring is Springing Out!!

Spring has certainly sprung in Oklahoma - finally!!  Well, I guess it's okay because yesterday was just the first day of Spring, but oh, it took so long to get here.
My Spirea is budding out!
You can see one little white bud opening at the top of this.  It is my Weeping Cherry tree.  It is really ready to bust open all over.  I was so afraid that all of the snow and frigid temps had ruined it, but not so.
The Dogwood Tree is just full of buds.
Aaahhhhh - Springtime!
Most of you know my good friend Brenda over at Cozy Little House.  Well, Country Woman did an amazing article on her kitchen.  It is on the newsstands now. 
It has several pages on her delightful kitchen that she did for under $50.00.  So, be sure and pick up a copy.


  1. Afternoon, oh looks so wonderful, Spring has sprung for you. Still cold here, yuk, Blessings Francine.

  2. Well, aren't you full of surprises! Thanks!

  3. Oh, neat! Judy, where did you find this??? I haven't seen it. I would love to get a copy.

    And such good news about Brenda's new digs! Wow!
    Big day!



  4. Judy, You are somewhat ahead of us with your flowering trees. I would love to see that article about Brenda. I have to tell you that when you came into Brenda's life, she was blessed. I really like the colors Brenda uses. xoxo,Susie

  5. Great to see the blossoms starting. And what a treat to see a page with Brenda's kitchen. Busy days ahead.
    Happy Spring and Hugs.

  6. Oh so lovely! The wreath is just beautiful and matches your profile pic!! Our shrubs in WI are jealous of your OK shrubs. lol

  7. Pretty wreath! Full of sunshine:)
    HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY!! I hope it was AWESOME!!!

  8. Spring has sprung here in central California too, finally! I saw the feature they did on Brenda, so amazing that she did it all on just $50.

  9. Oh- Spring has sprung in Okie land! Whoo Hooo- shoot some of that hot air this way, will you? I will sure look for that magazine for the article on Brenda. I just love her-as you know. I am so very pleased and happy for her. She deserves some recognition! xo Diana

  10. Beautiful spring! Love the flowers. I'm so proud of Brenda and her kitchen make over. If I see that magazine I'll buy it! Hugs, Linda

  11. Beautiful wreath! I did know that about Brenda. Thank you. ♡

  12. Your wreath is really cheerful. We don't get this magazine in the UK of course, but the picture you posted of your friends kitchen looks very pretty. Betty

  13. LOVE that wreath! I will certainly pick up that magazine! It looks like it has a great display on your friend's kitchen! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  14. Your wreath is just gorgeous! I'd like to put one on our front door, but it would look somewhat out of place with the high snowbanks outside. I can't wait for spring! And thanks for the heads up about Brenda's magazine feature.

  15. I don't get it! This happened last year too. My spirea is not blooming or anything and yours is but you live so far north of me! What's up with that? It's just 38 here so doesn't feel very "springy"! I can't wait! Take care and XO!

  16. So glad Spring has sprung at your house. It makes life so much happier!
    Hugs to you,

  17. Hooray for spring. I missed that the magazine was out. I will look for it. xo Laura

  18. Judy,
    How exciting you are starting to see signs of spring. Still too cold here in Chicagoland. Hopefully soon we will see some buds.
    Have a great start to the new week ahead.

  19. No buds yet here in northern IL, though my neighbors daffodils are popping up. So exciting about Brenda's kitchen being in Country Woman - I'll definitely be picking up a copy of this magazine!



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