Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanks For The Birthday Wishes!!

Bella and I want to thank you all for the warm birthday wishes.  I appreciate them very much!
(Bella - not so much on the headband)
Anyway, thanks again.  I had a wonderful birthday; however, it wasn't as planned.  For the last several years, I have vowed that on my 70th birthday, I was going skydiving.  Now, I have done pair sailing, zip lining, etc., so this was about the last drastic thing on my list.
But, John - who never tells me I can't do something - quietly ask me if I would reconsider the skydiving bit.  He was just worried about me getting hurt.  So, I said OK, I won't.
But, I will some day!!
My Grandchildren and Greats made me the sweetest gift.  Brittany, who has Laynee and the twin girls, is living with Tiffany for the time being so she is close to me and so Tiffany and I can help with the girls.
They made me the cutest thing.  It was a 3' x 3' canvas with a saying on it and they did their handprints.  The twins did their footprints in the middle.
So, I am sure I will treasure it forever.  I told them that I loved it more than anything they could have bought me.
It was so sweet, but I'm sure that it was the last line that was the real truth!  LOL (Kids, just kidding)


  1. Happy Birthday, Judy!!!

    This is so special, and so are you!

    Glad it was a good day and hope the year to come is even better!



  2. Judy, That is a great gift. I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday. I thought about my bucket list today. I probably will never skydive now, nor surf. I have been able to do some fun things in my life. blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Happy birthday, Judy! What a perfect gift from your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You are much braver than I am - I would never go sky-diving, nor bungee jumping or anything like that. I'd probably do the zip-lining if I ever got a chance though.

  4. Happy, happy birthday! I love that canvas. That says everything, doesn't it. How wonderful! ♥

  5. Happy Birthday, Judy! Coming over from Brenda's blog to bring you birthday greetings!

  6. Judy that is the most precious gift! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday! I think you are a such a loving wife to consider John's fears at this time!! Someday you can do that skydiving! Big Hugs dear friend. Linda

  7. No, you didn't do your dare devil bit yesterday. But you saw ants on the table in a restaurant that weren't there and were smashing them. And then you sat in John's desk chair and leaned over and fell and got a lot of boo-boos. (I must add that Judy had a bad (BAD) reaction to some medication. She does not drink.)

  8. Oh! Happy birthday!! Those darned kids have NO idea how special their presents are and that we keep them forrrrevvvver!! And get teary eyed over them occasionally.

  9. Oh, I just thought of this. do you think John saw that video of the Grandma that had skydiving on her bucket list and almost slipped out of her pants after she jumped out and was trying to hang on to her instructor? Just sayin'.

  10. A belated HAPPY birthday. It looks like you had a glorious day with your family. Hugs judy

  11. Judy- That is one of the best gifts I can imagine getting. I have been remiss in visiting with the new baby here. So...BELATED Happy Birthday to you. I bet you can't believe you are 70, can you? I can't believe my age either- xo Diana

  12. Such a wonderful gift from your darling grands and great grands. Happy (belated a bit) birthday with hugs.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Judy. So sorry I didn't know it was your Bday. Love your gift from your children and grands. It is something that you will always keep.
    Bella looks so cute in her new head band. Looks like she can hardly wait to get it off. LOL
    Have a great week.

  14. Happy Birthday Judy! Wishing you a most fantastic year.

  15. Happy belated Birthday, Judy, and wishing you a wonderful year ahead! Such lovely words from your dear family......you are a special lady.
    Wishing you a happy, spring filled week with plenty of sunshine!
    Helen xox

  16. LOVE that canvas! I had much rather have a homemade gift to treasure forever:) Have a blessed day dear Judy, HUGS!

  17. Happy Birthday, Judy! Glad it was special, you deserve the best! xo

  18. Sounds like a wonderful day! Happy birthday, Judy!

  19. Aw that is one cute gift that they created. Sounds like you have had a wonderful birthday...

    Sky diving, you are very adventurous...not sure that it's on my bucket list, but you never know.

    When you go, make sure to take some photos for us.


  20. Happy, HAPPY Birthday!!! I do so love your gift!! PRICELESS!!!

  21. Happy Birthday!! Love the canvas from the kids, I can see why you treasure it! Skydiving....I wouldn't do it if I was 20....So glad you got talked out of that!!!


  22. Sorry for the late Birthday Wishes. I was without a computer while my data from my old computer was being transferred to my new one.

    It sounds like you had a great birthday.



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