Monday, March 2, 2015

Welcome March and A Little Treasure

Good day and welcome to March.  I can hardly wait until next week when Daylight Savings Time begins.  I have had a rather difficult time in the evenings being by myself and the weather has been so terrible.  So, I think with an extra hour of daylight, I'll be able to do more things away from the house and it still be light. I don't have to worry about the loss of the extra hour in the morning because a "morning person" I definitely am not.  LOL

Granted, I'm not afraid to go out at night by myself.  However, the weather has just been such that I've found myself staying in more than usual.

Anyway, Happy March to all!  I especially love March and St Patrick's Day because it is my birthday.  I use to always send my Mother flowers on my birthday and thank her for being the Mother that she was.

I received the sweetest package in the mail today from Kathy
She has the cutest Etsy shop and I had ordered one of her darling needle keepers.  

It arrived all wrapped so sweet with a little package of vintage tags.  

Darling little tags tied with crinkled seam binding.

This is so cute and so practical.

Each page is like opening a little treasure box....

lots of wonderful little touches....

so, be sure and go over to her shop and check out all of her goods and then go enjoy her blog. These would make wonderful gifts and would be so easy to mail.

Thanks Kathy!




  1. I love pretty little things!! And those are so cute!!

  2. I am another one looking forward to the time change.
    The needle keeper is so cute!
    Enjoy your evening.

  3. Hello, new here by way of Lavender Dreams. What a cute idea, so pretty.
    My brother liked to sing Happy Birthday to our Mom on his birthday, because after all it was her 'birth'day too!

  4. Hello, new here by way of Lavender Dreams. What a cute idea, so pretty.
    My brother liked to sing Happy Birthday to our Mom on his birthday, because after all it was her 'birth'day too!

  5. Hi Judy,
    I love Kathy and all her wonderful creations in her Etsy. This is really cute. Hope your weather starts to get better soon.

  6. Welcome to March, indeed. Hoping that it brings better weather for you

    I love the little needle keep.

  7. Love the needle book - what a great idea. I will be glad when day light savings goes into effect, maybe that way I won't get so sleepy so early.
    Have a great week Judy. How's Bella?

  8. That little needle book is adorable!! I look forward to Daylight savings time also. I'm not a morning person either!

  9. Cool Needle Book! (I don't sew though - maybe I'll sew on a button once every five years :)

  10. That is just the cutest little needle holder, Judy! We don't change time here in AZ, but I do know many people love it during DST so I hope that helps you to be able to get out more! Sending hugs you way, Cindy xoxo

  11. That is the cutest thing, Judy. So sweet.
    I am ready for March to move forward, too. I am really tired of this long cold winter. xo Diana

  12. Happy March to you! That is a very charming little needle holder!
    I will be glad to see the time change, too. I'm not a morning person, either, so it won't affect me.
    It seems like there are a lot of March birthdays. My birthday is just a few days before yours. That was a sweet thing that you did for your mother, sending her flowers on your birthday!

  13. Very cute needle holder! I like your March pillow and things! I can't wait to Spring ahead! I have been waking up at 4am since last Fall! Happy Birthday this month to you!

  14. Oh what a sweet little needle keeper:) I love it! Enjoy your day dear friend! I am looking forward to some extra daylight in the evening too! HUGS!

  15. It's just soooo fun to get a sweet package in the mail with a little something extra.
    your St Patricks pillow immediately reminded me of Savannah Granny, Ginger remember her from Savannah Georgia. They always have a huge St Patrick's Day down there , I miss her post
    I'm through painting so need to start another project now
    Happy Birthday also, per boopnut above LOL

  16. what a sweet needle case and love the extra touches. will have to check her shop out.
    looking forward to warmer weather too.

  17. A very Happy Birthday to you this month! Funnily enough I was talking to my mum last night and we were saying about the needle books that we used to get. I'm going to have a look at the Etsy shop to see if there is anything relevant for her for Mother's Day! Have a warm evening xx

  18. Love your St. Patrick's Day cuties and those pretty things Kathy sent you! I think I've bought from Kathy before. I'm excited too for that time change. I can do my walking when there's more light then walking in the dark. It also reminds me spring is coming! Yea! Happy Early Birthday Judy!

  19. I am so looking forward to daylight savings time, too. Just one of the many things I hate about winter is the loong, dark nights. I can only imagine how lonely and hard it is for you especially at night, when you are alone. Sometimes Brian works nights (and he will be doing so for four straight months later this spring) and it makes me very uneasy. I always wondered how my mom feels on long, dark winter nights. (She's been a widow for 16-1/2 years.) How sweet that you received such a lovely little gift in the mail from a blogger friend. Perks up your day a bit, doesn't it?

  20. Hi Judy, Love the darling little needle keeper from Kathy and the sweet tags. She has the best shop.
    Looking forward to Daylight savings but not losing an hour. LOL
    Love your St. Patrick's Day photo.
    Have a nice evening. We are in the midst of a winter storm with ice here in Dallas.
    Hugs, CM

  21. Your pillow is cheerful and the needle keeper is adorable!

  22. Just saw this, Judy - thanks so much for the shout out! : ) I'm so glad you are liking your little needle book and the tags.

    I am so happy we did the clocks this weekend. I really enjoy having it stay lighter out later. I think it makes my mood better, too!



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